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Mike M

Weiner who?


weiner needs his tits sucked

Infrared Thermometer

I too am looking forward to see what direction the site will take. Keep in touch!


"No one will be collecting"? Are you serious? I gave you two perfectly good suspects:

- Weiner's wife
- Former Senator Larry Craig

Isn't it obvious that Weiner's so called "confession" is in reality a self sacrificial attempt to protect the guilty party? I mean for God's sake, the Congressman has made himself appear to be a weird, reckless, abrasive, predatory pathelogical liar who uses his high office to lure naive young women into disturbing online sexual relationships in a pathetic attempt to compensate for his creepy looks and overall weird vibe. He has even staged one of these supposed encounters so that it would be picked-up by Breitbart. To top it all off, he has, in the course of these staged videos, revealed himself to be a chest shaver! Do you really consider it to be possible that a U.S. Congressman would be capable of such behavior? I really think that you need to need to validate Weiner's sacrifice by awarding me the prize.

LTC John Tammes

I would still be happy to send some old Taliban currency, if you'd, really.


We still need to have this thoroughly investigated by America's top law enforcement official, if only so we can snicker when Anderson Cooper says, "The Weiner Holder commission".


Iowahawk, I'll bet you are feeling pretty foolish right now. Going to all of this trouble to find the hacker when one never existed. Jokes on you, dude!

Stark Dickflüssig

I'll bet the real reason he hasn't reported this to the ICCC is that . . .

The hacker got to the FBI!




Look. We all know it was a hacker.

The reason is simple. Hackers spend their time ravaging federal politicians' accounts not to change email names and passwords, or wreak havoc with their accounts. Their most popular and reasonable desire is to log in, send one dic-pic to a college follower, and then log back off.

Because, you know, that is what hackers do!


Weiner’s flaccid response has turned what looked like a pinprick into an ever-rising concern for the young Member. Most observers felt it would quickly drop off, but it now seems surprisingly hard and prominent. The problem is getting bigger by the day and Weiner seems unable to get his hands around it. Even his most ardent supporters are beginning to ask “Could this really be our Weiner?”

Kenneth Olsen

Please act quickly! More victims are popping up all over: (caution... NSFW)


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Keith Gibson

The Congressman Weiner investigation continues. Little has been exposed and there isn`t much to go on. Investigators have come up short and evidence is lacking. The small stream of new leads has shrivelled to resemble a cold case. The Congressman continues to represent the "little man" and has vowed to hangin there the best he can..

Lilly von Stupp

I found him to be wistful with a fistful. As such I then asked him to give me 9 inches and make me scream.

Imagine my disappointment when I get 3 inches 3 times and a punch in the face...


"[...] three pair of socks and a bar of beauty soap down the front of my pants."


{{{snicker}}} You said "congress."


(eyeroll) Like the bigger story isn't the Hi-HoShlortDongSilver Elephant in the room. Everybody knows Clarence Williams III and Barbara Streisand had a love child. DUH! That's why he doesn't want no steekin FBI around.

Bill Williamson

Where is Dick Tracer, er uh Tracey when you need him? He could, no doubt, get to the root of the matter post haste.

J. Brenner

After closer examination, three prominent facts of this case stand out (...other than the prominent fact that has already been closely examined):

1) The subject of the photo in question was a homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that). No heterosexual man has ever taken a shrouded photo of his own rig. Now, I can hear you asking, "what if some other guy took a picture of his erect, tightly wrapped, know, to get the camera angle and lighting just right, to emphasize its size and firmness?" Uh yeah, good point, that sounds like a real hetro situation.

What's that I hear? Did someone actually say, "Bret Farve"? Look, Brett Farve, a few middle school delinquents, and the odd sex offender have at one time or another deluded themselves into thinking that if they took uncovered photos of their junk and then sent them to seemingly available women in the hope that this would get them laid. Now, how'd that work out for Brett? Perhaps the most prominent athlete in the world slaps his best asset on the table and sends a picture to one of his league's T&A on-call girls. Result? He not only gets rejected, but is publically humiliated.This brings me to point #2

2) No woman, other than a few ninth grade skanks, and possibly some animal husbandry majors, has ever been impressed by a picture of someone's genitals. The universal reaction pretty much goes like this: "that's just creepy". And a suave New York lady's man like Representative Weiner is well aware of this fact.

3) The subject of this photo is a man with a "wide stance".

That's right, the most reasonable explanation for this whole sordid story is that former Senator, and men's room socialite, Larry Craig became enamored with representative Weiner and sent him a photo of his unit(not the first time a Weiner has inspired him to take inappropriate action). Congressman Weiner, not doubt worked to the point of exhaustion by the twin burdens of elective office and mentoring hot twenty-somethings via Twitter, inadvertently sent the photo on to one of these impressionable young women.

Now, having made this simple and understandable mistake, what was the Congressman to do? Would he clear his name and ID the guilty party? No! Congressman Weiner, being respectful of his elders and mindful of the great traditions of the U.S. Congress would not humiliate one who has shared his legislative duties. Instead, he fell on his sword, so to speak, and offered an implausible explanation. I think that the snark, nastiness and general cynicism at Congressman Weiner's expense should cease. We should honor his spirit of self sacrifice and pretend that this whole ugly mess never happened.

Case Closed.

Home Inspector Training

Although, the republican congressma¬n didn't deny that he sent the picture and there was no doubt as he included his face in the picture. Pretty damning evidence to support that he at least took a picture of himself and he never denied that he sent it. Shouldn't it first be demonstrat¬ed that Weiner is lying about it being a hack job or do you usually demand that someone lose their jobs without proof that they done what they are accused of.

Bing Trinidad

At this point, I think Congressman Weiner is......"WEINNING!"


Barney Frank just got interested in the story - because Weiner's latest line is he can't know it's his weiner, so how many weiners are there on Weiner's smartphone? Barney needs to know.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"


According to the photographic evidence, the liberal congressman gives the phrase "dresses to the left" new meaning.


My evil cat did it while I was away from my computer making a sammich. She wants the money for Fancy Feast and Chicken of the Sea (packed in water, not oil).

An Observation

I have a Visa gift card that still has a few bucks left on it which I will donate to the reward.

Let me see if I have this straight: Weiner's wiener got hacked so he hired a private firm to find who hacked his firm privates - which he can't say weren't his.

Of course the hacker has disappeared into the quantum fog where he doubtless is hiding next to Lucy Ramirez and the real killer in the OJ case.

Ward Cleaver

Throw in a case of Natty Light, and I'm on it.


Where did you get that picture of Carol King???

allan allen

News Plash, Joe The Plumber...congressional lavatory head stopped up
it's not a tampon, it looks grayish...maybe cloth of some sort...Please Joe come at your earliest convenience


Sometimes a Weiner is just a dick.


I don't know Dustin Diamond -- I'm too old; however, I would say he's a double of Pop/Folk singer Janis Ian.


Rep Anthony Weiner’s younger picture looks EXACTLY like Saved By the Bell Dustin Diamond in his younger days.

Rep Weiner is just as obnoxious as Dustin Diamond grew up to be.


Methinks the congress-critter ought to review the airport scanner scene from "This Is Spinal Tap" for training if he wants to attract co-eds.

Kevin Hart

A few days ago some Rogue
In what is now so vogue
Hacked into my tweeter
And sent a picture of my ……!

I cried “Crime and Foul!”
With nasty frown and scowl.
That was a dirty trick
To send a picture of my………..!

I will not rest, I will not sleep
Until we find the filthy creep
And make the world much cleaner
From pictures of Congressman ………

Harry Colon

I'll donate a 1975 Topps baseball card of Dick Pole and a 1981 Rusty Kuntz.


Hey, git on it and chip in to Iowahawk's "Weiner Hacker Prize Fund," 'cause me and my posse aim to collect that bounty. Got the whole crew with me: the Gozinnia brothers, Rod, Peter, and Dick; Chubby; Harry Wong and his cousin Long Dong; Hugh G. Rection; and Harry "Tiny" Johnson. We're stiff in our resolve to track down this miscreant and threat to national security. We are holding are own, and pledge not to go soft until every last hole is probed in our quest for justice, and the Prize Fund. But especially the Prize Fund. So, pony up some cash, you cheapskates, Iowahawks $1000 won't even cover our bartab.


If Weiner waned a wanner wiener when he wed a whiner,
Would Weiner wax a winner wanger when he twit a wiener?


I gladly donate one dainty tin of Vienna Weenies to such a noble cause.

I had considered donating a pack of Hebrew National Kosher Beef Franks, but I simply couldn't live with myself if some tragic soul were to become overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy....

Ted Stevens

"The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It’s not a big truck. It’s a series of TUBES. And if you don’t understand, those TUBES can be filled and if they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line and it’s going to be delayed by anyone that puts into that TUBE..."

Nick Pappagiorgio

I think we should all thank the good lord that the congressman's surname not "Assboil" or "Hemorroid" instead of Weiner - that hacker would have scarred us all for life.


So, has heard if Anderson Cooper on top of this weiner thing??


2012 election lawn signs of the Weiner?


News Flash! I have it from good authority that the hacker's name is Harry Johnson...


Not only was it clean, it looked starched too.


Wonder if he used a clean sock to get the right depth of field for the photo shoot?


I just think it's shameful to make a joke out of the fact Represenative Weiner's weiner was wildly hacked while he was wistfully wagging it to wild women.

This is not a funny situation. . .


I heard Anthony Wiener's explanation of the hacking of his twitter.

I didn't swallow it!


Now look I-Hawk, If offered the reward for solving the (w)hacker puzzle, I refuse to accept but ...

Even a clueless shape-shifting damn fool knows whodunit:

Dick BY=GOD Cheyney!

Now, I feel better...the world can be at peace until Chuck Me Me Me Schumer realizes HIS Weiner was punked by Dr Evil


Personal Home Inspector: "The bigger question is why on earth would Anthony Weiner send such a photo to some random person who lives on a different coast from either of his homes? What makes more sense? Someone hacks a twitter account and sends a photo of a man's crotch to discredit the man/make fun of him or a US congressma¬n knowingly does something which could end his career with absolutely no apparent gain or benefit for him?"

If by "random person" you mean a woman he was already following on Twitter, and whom was following him back--thus allowing personal, direct (i.e. secret) Tweets.

So there's that.

Abdi Abdoh

If there were 45,000 people in a room, and a guy in the back of the room threw a picture of his crotch at the speaker, would that guy hold a press conference? Yes, if his name was an Tony Weiner.


Thank you Iowahawk for solving this little "issue" of mine that I had been contemplating handing off to Taxmasters
thanks for the share
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Well, he's no Brett Favre.

-Jenn Sturger

Personal Home Inspector

The bigger question is why on earth would Anthony Weiner send such a photo to some random person who lives on a different coast from either of his homes? What makes more sense? Someone hacks a twitter account and sends a photo of a man's crotch to discredit the man/make fun of him or a US congressma¬n knowingly does something which could end his career with absolutely no apparent gain or benefit for him?


Why would you want to give weiner 1000 bucks?

Dirk Scrowtem

Chalk me up for a cheap page view. Go gettem!


I have a 10 pound canvas bag of foreign coins of little individual coin value to donate to the reward.



I have a friend in Vegas who has a friend who works in the prison system that says OJ was so moved by your selfless reward gesture to vindicate Weiner's Johnson that OJ is throwing some sports jewelry and an unmatched glove he no longer uses into the (w)hacker reward kitty.

I Hawk, in my book your are the selfless da bomb!

John Fast

Obviously we need to find out who this right-wing hactivist is, and the simplest method is to find out the person in the photograph. Someone needs to personally inspect the naked crotches of every member of Congress, like the prince in Cinderella. (As a show of patriotism, I am willing to inspect the chair of the DNC.)

Bob Belvedere


Bob Belvedere

Quoted from and Linked to at:
An Array Of Odd Elements [Updated Below: Bring Me The Head of Anthony's Weiner!]


I have 500,000 Nicaraguan pesos (from the first Ortega 'presidency) to throw into the pile of riches. You gotta cart them away, though.


Hmmm ... I refuse to look closely, but can we tell if it is circumcised?

The Osprey

Is that Arnold Horschack? My God, we really are stuck in a 70's rerun, aren't we?


"Geoff.... But sure, ignore all these questions like a good little lapdog. And will the idiots who claim there was no picture go away?

I am a lapdog of someone unspecified because I pointed out you are a moron if you aren't aware of what anyone who has ever forgotten a password is?
Is it Bill Gates? Does he owe me some money now or something?


Yes, you have seeded the prize account. But is your seed pure?


I wish I were an ultra-lefty Weiner
That for me would surely do the trick.
The MSM would then provide me cover
And pixilate my scrawny little _______.

A Conservative Teacher

I'm sure Bush knows something about this weiner thing? will provide 1 hour of consultation time, for the attorney of the alleged hacker. Estimated Value $350.00


It's "what's the bird's-eye lowdown on this CAPER." If you're so smart, why don't you pick up your cues faster?


"Hard-boiled gumshoes"? Oh, puh-leeeese.

"What's the bird's-eye lowdown on this situation, whatever that means?"


zefal is right. That explains what Obama and company were looking at in the war room.

I have heard they have set up a website in anticipation.


I am happy to contribute a digitally remixed medley, dedicated to the representative and all those in the media and Democratic Party who are circling the wagons to protect his virtue.

This cassette is tape of "Little Anthony" and the "Imperials"

It will feature such hits as "Going Out of my.... Head"; "I'm on the Outside" (Looking in); and "Take Me Back".

All songs are sung in falsetto. Very. very falsetto.


I will throw in my PEZ dispenser! It is real stretchy!


The mystery is solved!

Washington Post
Dateline: May 31, 2011

Obama does it again! Made the courageous decision to have the navy seal team post picture of weener on Rep. Weiner's Twitter page. The man is fearless!

Obama: I contacted leon Panetta and told him I need to keep my courageousness honed and toned to keep in practice for the next time I needed to send myself in harms way. I don't remember if it was me or if it was my subconcious mind that hatched this creative and completely awsome action but I'm sure it one or the other.

Art Vandelay, Chairman CEO Vandelay Industries

I pledge 1000 shares of Vandelay Industries common stock to find the scum sucking bottom feeder.


We all know what really happened here, even his progressive apologists. He accidentally sent a private message publicly. So he's a guy, and a very dumb one.

Seriously, what guy thinks sending pics of his little buddy to women will do anything but bring on laughter, and not the good kind?

Weiner, weiner, chicken deiner.

You betcha, I'm going to hack a Congressman's account and, in a fit of mischievousness, I'm going to send a suggestive picture of myself... clothed.


"By all means let’s resort to antisemitism."

Yeah, saying a bomb throwing democrat congressman (and also happens to be jewish) has a small member is antisemetic? You're not serious are you?

Howard D. Doyle

James Cameron was going to donate 100 grams of Unobtainium, but sadly...

J. Brenner

You may all stop looking - I'm able to lay this matter to rest. There is no hacker. Sadly, the culprit is Weiner's wife, Huma Abdein:

Those of you who followed the 2008 campaign will remember that the lovely Ms. Abdein was a top aide of Hillary Clinton and was also rumored to be her lover. Obviously such a rumor was potentially damaging to Clinton and, like a loyal soldier, Huma went out and found herself a funny looking Congressman to date in order to throw the press off the trail. Abdein and Weiner wed in 2009. She's probably more than a little tired of having to put-up with this shmuck, so this whole scandal gives her a plausible reason to end the marriage. No need to hack anything, she just took a photo of his johnson while he was sleeping, then tweeted it. Can I get my $1,000 in singles?


Also the photo of young weiner reminds me of the Simpsons' Artie Ziff (without glasses).


Two theories:

1) Kloonky did it (unlikely)
2) Bubba (highly likely).

Bill has probably had proximity to Weiner's blackberry and motive is never a problem in his case

Abe Froman

Why do you have a picture of Screech from Saved By The Bell accompanying this story?


Iowahawk rules. I can think of no more deserving protagonist than the insufferable Weiner. Put me down for a 10# bag of copper pennies to the reward fund...


It is time we put an end to hackers. Add another $100 if he is discovered. Thats $300 bounty. Anyone else want to chip in?


Ain't no woman that's been cheated on would buy a story this full of holes.


Geoff, of course it's possible for people to access an account someone else has hacked into.

The questions are:

1. Why didn't the hacker send anything other than that picture, and not change the login data?

2.Why was the congressman talking to the famale coed in the first place?

3. Why was his account blank for hours before the post, and then right after it he was able to delete it quickly? And why was his immediate reaction to being "hacked" to crack jokes instead of worrying about whether he had his information stolen? It sounds like damage control.

4. Why not get an investigation? Again, this is an official Government account.

5. Why does he have a consistent record of following young girls he has no connection to officially, outside of his district?

etc etc . But sure, ignore all these questions like a good little lapdog. And will the idiots who claim there was no picture go away? Weiner clearly acknowledged he deleted a picture. There WAS a picture.

Comanche Voter

I'll offer a jar of Dijon mustard--a very small jar of Dijon mustard--which should be enough to cover the subject.

Not Spartacus

I'm Spartacus!


T-shirt tucked into his underwear?

Case closed, the guy in the photo is a weiner.

A Mindful Webworker

I really enjoy Iowahawk. I forwarded a link to the article American Pride is Back to a cousin, who replied, when I grow up (he's an adult) I want to write like Iowahawk. :)

Alas, without being a Facebook, Twitter, or y.frog user myself, but a long-time techie, I have to concur with a previous commenter that some of the tech questions are misunderstood and Weiner could be right. There is no trick to "regaining" control of your accounts if the password was hacked but not changed, for example. Also, if like many idiots he uses the same password on various accounts, you only need find out one. And if you're using your cell to access those accounts, as the previous commenter said, you might only have to hack that cell.

Not making a case for or against Weiner's being hacked or careless. While Occam's Razor may cut toward careless, it's not that fine a line toward hacked, either. Just depends on which way Weiner was stupid. :)

abdi abdoh

I will up the bounty to a pair of new underoos of the exact make and model shown on the dreaded tweet. The pantied bandit must be caught!


100 Quatloos says it was an earthling!
(We did not tweet that woman!)


I found a crusty dime in the bottom of my pocketbook I'd like to forward to this Justice for Weiners cause. There are gray cloaked weiners everywhere screaming to be freed from oppression. STOP CHOKING WEINERS! (wait what? This isn't about jockstraps? nevermind)


David, I'll throw in five quarts of used motor oil, two casino chips (5 cents each) and one car-wash token...good only here in Camanche.


Finally! Thanks to Geoff, we've blow the lid on this caper - the real culprit was none other than... SNIDELY BREITBART! How could we have been so blind?

Quick Geoff - alert the FBI to this devious right wing conspiracy, and demand a full scale police investigation! Make sure to alert Congressman Weiner that you have taken it upon yourself to clear his good name. He's been far, far too busy to call the authorities for some reason.

Imagine the civic pride you'll have as Satan Breitbart is frogmarched away to his deserved incarceration - plus 1000 smackeroos of my hard-earned dinero!

For God's sake man, chop chop! Time's a-wasting!

"Tony Weins"

I have a pair of old gray (and brown stripe) underwear that I need to get rid of ASAP and am willing to donate.


Hahaha, how many times (20? 30?) is Breitbart going to run a fake story without actually, you know, checking facts?

What a clown outfit this is? Must be depressing to work for such a blatant propagandist.


someone with access to the original picture (not a screen shot) should read the EXIF information (metadata) to find the Date, time, and latitude/longitude where the picture was taken. Perhaps then we'll find the dastardly evil-doer.

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