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Now we know why michelle was never proud of america. We thought arugla was a carribean island and we like potatoes,potatos, and tomatos.


All I can say is you haven't had this recipe for "Death by Tubers".
As follows:

Partially thaw a 32 oz. bag of hash brown potatoes. Melt 12 oz. Velveeta cheese with 1 stick of butter in microwave. Add 8 oz. sour cream, 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1 teaspoon onion pdr., 1 tsp. salt. Add potatoes, stir, pour into 13x9 pyrex. Sprinkle 2 to 3 cups of crushed corn flakes over the potatoes; drizzle 1 stick of butter or margarine over the whole mixture in the pan. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Knock yourselves out.


hhmm.. that's yummy I think.

escalante blogger

No matter what you say so guys. But I love this rather. :-)

Bill Haurton

You can have my groceries when you take them from my cold dead hands, which shouldn't be hard; I'm stuck in the freezer as we speak.


Tater Tot sundae? Sorry, that makes me hurl.

I salute you for sticking it to the Man, however.

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So, welcome to crash our party and welcome to bring a bit of beet and arugula or lettuce Rockettes, look, we promote diversity, tastes health of all stripes. We will hold our National Summit Rock Spring Watch CSPAN for live coverage. Down the influence fortunate in our schools. Look here recipes for children beet friendly.

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I love it when libraries can not see the absurdity of its absurdity. Get the coffee party in Wikipedia, I Beatrice Party is not a stretch. There is, or is it them or not talk to us Jimminies feet of snow here in Canuckistan. Here is one of the boys in my home town toy Michelle Obama.


Why not follow the POTUS himself? Avoid obesity: take up smoking!

Cod Liver

Said in my best Bugs Bunny voice - "This means war!"

sohbet odaları

Rally's on the West Coast has Tater Tots as a standard side dish.

gold eagle sets

WTF! Why are we paying for this woman to pretend she was elected to some position of power? Let Orca stay home and be the first Mother-in-chief. It is expedient to deal with its own fat and children does not teach everyone.

I do not know why this woman is wasting tax dollars, and travel around and show themselves. Is there any other FLOTUS to inject himself in this light? Well, WTF.


That's it -- I'm off to Sonic for a large order of Cheese-Tots. Make it two! Or maybe one large Cheese-Tots, one large Chili-Cheese-Tots. Wash it down with a large cherry Coke, after lifting a toast to the Tot-Hatress-In-Chief.


Rally's on the West Coast has Tater Tots as a standard side dish.

Dennis Long

The correct battle cry for Tex McCoy's standard is "Remember the Ala Mode!"

Bob McCarty

You should read about the 85-year-old "Potato Lady" of St. Peters, Mo., who is running for office for the first time:


Tater Hater


Tater Hater


Tuber, or not tuber, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mouth to suffer
the offbrand taters of dubious origin;
Or to bear spatulas against a sea of bacon fat.


OR ... just ingest some stomach parasites. You can reclaim your testicles and disregard your daunting dame's dietary dictates!

J Garland

What is the First Lady's position on Funions and Ding Dong's?


This just shows how silly, trivial, and amusing the Left has become.

If we deploy the Military's Predators to Hellfire out of existence Abu Potato and Ibn ali spud, will Michelle finally be proud of our country?


Tater Tots can be more than just pleasing to the tongue!

But, to the eyes!

And, to the touch!

Or,for some "adventure" and "outgoing-ness" (pleasing to the eye and touch?)

Tater Tots offer so much...


You know what's better than tater tots?


Anonymous Observer

WTF! Why are we paying for this woman to pretend that she was elected to some position of power? Let the orca stay home and be the First Mom in Chief. She had better be looking after her own fat kid and not lecturing on everyone else's.

I don't know why this woman is allowed to waste our tax dollars to travel and around and show herself off. Did any other FLOTUS shove herself into the spotlight like this? No. WTF.

California Dreamin

No Taters No Peace!


I strongly endorse the onion Tater Tots. With the Heinz ketchup. I know the John F Kerry connection, but it's just more money his wife can taunt him with, so it's a win-win.


Keep the tots safe and legal! Avoid the horrors of back-alley tot-making!

Jeff H.

ha ha this is so f***ing perfect. My wife just bought me a deep fryer for my 40th. Love the tots! More I say!


Okay, it's decided. I'm making the Tater Tots Pizza Casserole for the Superbowl party I'm attending. At least half the attendees will be liberals, since they're from my office, and we will see who eats what. Will my liberal Obama-loving
colleagues shun the Tots? I anticipate much furtive Tot-eating.

If I wanted to be mean, I could also make the Chocolate Beet Cake, label it as such, and see who pretends to enjoy it . . .


I might not *be* a fourth grader, but I darned sure *eat* like one (I prefer my tater tots fried, salted, and drowned in ketchup).


Some Tater Tots would blow your mind, You're gonna have to face it your addicted to spuds:


Timmy my man , we are about to inject our veins with the glorious grease from a Tater Tot Pizza (Tasty Taters in Canada).
I've been noshing on the pepperoni as I write, washing it down with some expensive Zinfandel.
Buddy understand many of us CCCC's were raised on the comedy gold of satire, SCTV. I love it when libs can't see their own absurdity in the absurd. Look up the coffee party on wikipedia, my Beatr Party isnt a stretch (oh look I mad another spelling mistake).
There , or is it their or they're are no Jimminies to speak of we have a foot of snow up here in Canuckistan.
Here is one of my hometown boys with a Michelle Obama Toy.

Tim David

Maryann, please, enlighten me about those "hate-filled rallies" of which you speak? Video? Audio? Where and when did they happen? I remember and incident in St. Louis that involved violence...but, oh yeah, that was a white SEIU thug beating up Kenneth Gladney, a black vendor selling flags. And wait, I do remember another incident where someone got their finger bitten off. But, damn, that was another case where the victim was a Tea Party demonstrator and the perp was a union thug. Well, you seem pretty sure of yourself, so I'll just sit here and wait for the YouTube links to all those hate-filled rallies...(sound of crickets chirping).


This is marvelous satire--just the touch of the absurd we need so badly.

To those of you in the Left who see this as another opportunity to make nasty, blame-filled remarks (and to those on the Right who seem to have a stunted sense of humour)--
Learn to make fun of yourself. Life is SO much better that way.


Cease & desist your barbs towards Maryann. I'll have you know she is in fact is a member in good standing of the CCCC (Classy Conservative Chicks of Canada).

Adjust your satire radars accordingly.


@maryann, your spelling errors are proof that the liberal education isn't working...


See, maryann, this is why we cannot have nice things like open comments.

All i seem to have are safeway curly fries, but they'll have to do. Viva la Revolution! Praise the lord and pass the ketchup!


Good satire. Pity the leftees are utterly humorless and nastier-minded than they ever can admit to. Long live the New World carbohydrate!


Wait -- Ore-Ida is owned by Heinz. As in John Kerry's meal ticket. Is this some kind of secret double reverse marketing to pay for his yacht?


It is really too bad the government does not put as much effort towards feeding the hungry as it does trying to take food away from those who have some :(

Ezrahh Klyne

Needless to say you baggers never fail to amaze. Did it ever occur to you the violent imagery the name of your new movement conveys
Hah !like did you notice the irony. Tot is another world for toddler or small child. Tot bagger . Nice, and you wonder why we came to the quick and easy conclusion that it was the fault of the right that caused the killing spree in Tucson.
Join the beaters


Oh and did it ever occur to you "Tottbaggers " ,that the children who stand to benefit from the First Lady's crusade are the very potato chip eating babies that Obama witnessed on the streets of South Side Chicago. The Welfare mothers who cannot afford to feed there children healthy food. And don't get me going with your Right Wing bullshit "oh why can't they cook a healthy meal for there children"
Duh! like they have any grocery stores in the vicinity of the hell holes they live in. The Jews and Koreans' charge soooo much for the basic foodstuffs that the stores end up closing down.
Join the Beaters


Oh and this one is perfect for you Tot Party Tottbaggers


Nice try TEABAGGERS, this is rich. The Beat Top party has been around for two years running.(We beat you to it ,you haters) The titular head of our "organic grassroots movement to finally BEAT childhood obesity is none other than the esteemed Annie Leonard , who has worked alongside the First Lady in both her White House garden and with school administrators.
You might get it into your thick teabagging skulls that beets can be fun and healthy. Have you ever read the ingredients in tater Tots, of course not. It must be all that Hydrolyzed MSG pumping through your veins that fuels the hatred filled rallies.
So like our sister organization the Coffee Party slogan states Wake Up , Stand up and eat BEETS.
It's finally time we removed food corporation influence from our schools. Studies show that healthier diets promote sound learning.
And yes we are a "a latte-sipping, liberal reaction to the populist conservative Teabagging tater Tot ,whatever you want to call yourselves next," movement"
So your welcome to crash our party and feel free to bring along some Beets or Arugula, or Rockette salad, see ,we promote diversity, healthy tastes of all stripes.
We will be holding our national Beat Summit this spring See CSPAN for live coverage.
Down with the moneyed influence in our schools.
See here for kid friendly beet recipes

Coach Springer

Hi. My name's Coach and I'm a non-recovering taterholic. This all seems to be a move by PETA so there will be no place to put all of nature's little creatures next to on my plate.

Dave in Houston

Gotta have gravy, lots and lots of gravy on the tots. Yum.

A big bowl of tots and gravy and and some good wrestling on TV. Life does not get any better than that. Real sports, real food.


Be sure to add a layer of potato chips on it.

Russell Snow

For an alternative view:

Russell Snow

Well, for an alternate view:

Wm T Sherman

Appropriate stomach organisms (a.k.a. "fellow travellers") will slim anyone down to a healthy and socially responsible weight quickly ( ). They are 100% organic, and 100% renewable. Learn to celebrate and coexist with the diverse and vibrant ecosystem within. The worm castings floating in your toilet bowl can be harvested and used as an excellent mulch for your well-regulated vegetable garden. Eating the vegetables closes the circle of life and makes us whole.

While you haters wage a futile and petty battle for your tots, President Jack Spratt and his wife lead by example.

Thomas Jefferson

The tater of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the ketchup of Hunt's and Heinz.

John Paul Jones

I have not yet begun to fry!

Brad Sebastian

We gotta keep our eyes on these spuds (no pun intended), olives and other perishable goods. After all, look what's happening in the DC delis! Dennis Kucinich is suing for $150,000 for what he calls "permanent injuries" from those pitted little fruits. Oh the humanity. What is it with these foods and their senseless acts of violence? Who could be influencing these delicacies to hurt politicians? What is driving green olives to hate America?

Isn't it time to pass a law limiting the number of pits in an olive to 12 already? How many more brainless politicians have to get hurt before we realize the kind of threat we are under with olives just being thrown in our food, splashed in our Bloody Marys and allowed to hang around all day in the olive bar at our supermarkets?


I'm thinking of a tater tot, cheese & bacon sub!!!!

Who's with me??


Hey! The Tater Tot Pizza Casserole is made with LEAN ground beef! So, that cancels out the fat-based calories in the Tots. Bonus points for that. If only the Nagger-In-Chief could learn to look at the big picture.


You can have my potatoes when you pry them from my cold dead Irish fingers.


If anyone is suited to declare war on a root vegetable, it is our president.


This is the sort of hateful tone that threatens our Republic and the spirit of cooperation we need to overcome the scourge of convenience foods. You owe it to society and our children's future to admit your bias due to your obvious addiction to your "Tots."

For shame, sir - you are obviously in the pocket of "Big Potato." For that, you are this week's Worst Person In The World.


No two-bit community organizer shall come between me and my carbohydrates. Cease and desist, food police, and leave the ketchup when you go.

Brian Leonard

Chili. Cheese. Tots. Done.

Joe Redfield

I'm going to the kitchen right now and make myself a Tater Tots Pizza.

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