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Made of recycled material.

sick of liBS

Klein bottle: A liberal Kool-Aid pitcher.

Joe Redfield

Call it a Green Toilet and you could sell millions to Enviro-Fashionistas who wish to demonstrate their concern for Auntie Gaia's lumbago.


Clean out your Hokey in box

Steve in Pittsburgh

The good news is, a lot of WP readers agree with you and I.


... and all along I thought this was a artistic piss cup for the long haul traveler. Call Ron Popeil and tell him you need the car jar - 3 easy payments of $19.95.

An Average American

You can actually buy a Klein Bottle. Just the thing for your geek friends or the Journolists on your holiday shopping list.


A Klein Bottle Has No Inside or Outside.
And it has no volume.

Toaster Crisp

Das Kapital was written over a hundred years ago, and the socialists have zero problem understanding perfectly it's meaning and implementing Marxist tenants whenever possible.

Disingenuous vermin, every last Demo-rat...


A Klein Bottle is literally one-sided.

Not sure how that relates, but it ought to somehow.

Amy P.

It's also completely non-functional and pointless.

Joe Triscari

It's non-orientable. There's no way to figure out which way is which.

Just like the Constitution.


It's a vagina.

Mike C.

Because it suffers from rectocranial inversion ?


Happy New Year everybody.

John B.

Is the Klein bottle half empty or half full?
Or all "full of it" or all "empty as his head"?

Custom Essays

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It's juxtapositioned on its other part.

Ed Rasimus

The question to ponder is how much could it hold? Since there is no outlet for air pressure, it rapidly becomes a higher pressure glass gas bag.


Do the Moebius Strippers have "No boundary's"? The two dimensional is to be expected.

If so - I wants one.

Chris Barnhart

Klein bottles are the favorite stage props of Moebius Strippers

Wacky Hermit

It cannot be understood except from a higher-dimensional perspective.


You pour and pour and nothing of substance ever comes out.

Jim Treacher

Another similarity: it's all surface.


Fantastic. Just wonderful. Oh my.

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