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I think you are not resuspended, but, in fact, dis-un-suspended. But, it is not clear you have the right to disunsuspend yourself, i.e., that you are disunsuspendable. If not, you should immendiately dedisunsuspend yourself (making you irdisunsuspended) and instead employ the more traditional double secret uber probation.


Ahh, but can you get you to apologise for suspending you?


Dr. Hawk -

This suspension comes at the worst time possible: we need your guidance on how to respond to the week's landslide election (besides feeling glee at the democrats' defeat and existential dread as we wonder how long before the republicans completely blow it).

Please reconsider your suspension.


Isn't Iowa a right-to-work state? In that case you were perfectly free to suspend or fire yourself as you see fit. I refuse to join your boycott of Iowahawk when you have blatently violated the rules that you so clearly enunciated in your Code of Ethics.

I call on all lovers of capitalism to join you by ignoring your boycott.



Guy Average

A very substantial fine should be added immediately. A simple suspension gives you extra time to employ your talent in other areas. This suspension has to hurt the pocketbook as well, to at least offset the Stimulus Funds that an organization like yours, which is clearly Too Big To Fail, is certainly going to receive in order to offset the damage done by this suspension.

Oh yeah, I demand that you reinstate yourself immediately...sorry, I almost forgot that part...

S. Weasel

Reinstatement is simply not enough. The gravity of the charge requires -- nay, demands -- that you apologize to yourself. Abjectly. Full-throatedly.

Submissive urination not out of the question.


I hereby support your inalienable right to boycott yourself by boycotting you until you come to your senses and stop exercising your inalienable right.

How will I know when the boycott is over?

I will boycott myself in solidarity if this gets accidentally posted twice via Typepad lameness.

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