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I'll be there but I need a lift, anyone going past Queensland?


What is up with all this Spanish on these posts. I won't be there as I am getting my power sleep to multi vote on election day! Your Democrat Rival

Colonel Neville

I think you should really see the awful nay rotten, coat tail shenanigans afoot by this absurdly nom de plumed scoundrel 'Colonel Neville' at his shabby blog. Better yet, ignore him. The man is a cad. No, really. Colonel Neville. [no relation]

Tommy Shanks

I will hoist a coldie in your general direction from Seoul, soon to be host of a bunch of pontificating world leaders dressed in funny native costume.

sick of liBS

Don't tell me! I've missed another Iowahawk drinkathon. Too bad. Someday in the near future, I hope.

However, waking up without a hangover had its advantages. For example, at the grocery store Saturday morning, nothing could possibly have topped the look on the checkout girl's face when I threw that bag of Snickers bars and box of straight pins on the conveyor belt. "Relax", I told her, "I only give out the 'specially prepared' ones to the kids wearing the Obama masks." She was OK with that.

So tonight I look forward to an evening of providing handouts to all the little urchins, beggars, and zombies...kind of like April 15...only in the fall. Then later this week, I go to the polls to vote them out of office. My favorite time of the year!

Oh, be sure to do your part for democracy and remind all your Democrat friends to get out and place their votes this November 3!


Hungover or still drinking?

Remember, it's not a hangover if you're still drunk.


I was in my own Rally to Destroy Sobriety down here at Fantasy Fest. I would consider it a great success.

bob callahan

Cannot attend, been in the Program for 25 years. But all the best and give my regards to Rahm and Friends

bob in raleigh


I'm in central Florida watching how Leibowitz's and Colbert's rally unfolds on hi-def tv (you godless proles). I'll hoist a beer or two in both your honors.


Oh my Gaia! Are you responsible for Obama's "wee wee'd up" turn of phrase? Can it be that you and Tim Blair don't remember from trans-fat induced fear and loathing of Obama's Bonneville presence seeking Splendor On the Salt Flat?
Lo the heady felling from communist red Eelco Wee Wee rocket phalanx. If only Obama's past were not a long form mystery. Jim Treacher sacrificed a knee to Passportgate but we may never know Obama's true whereabouts in 2007.

Or was your contribution subliminal as Obama viewed the video in search of a TV theme song for Hope and Change? Can anyone doubt the foreboding shades of Stimulus:

"Salt Future" by Rocket from the Crypt
We are the wanted from yesterday's wreckage.
We buy what's wasted and sell it back.
Dry heaves are boring, I'm sour, let's watch it.
Gutless and tasteless, cut it some slack.

Or perhaps it was the promise of reprising the role of Jimmy "Peanut" Carter that brought Obama in with "Salt Peanuts" by Charlie Parker, and he stayed for the Billy Beer dirt floor hut in Kenya aroma?

And though Hot Rod Palin has been known to turn this "wee wee" phrase, the thought can not but obtrude that Todd's need for speed on snowmachines in a land of year-round snow as a salt flat could give might be her true incarnation. The DNC really ought to save a job they created by funding a new neighbor to stalk their movements.

I would be remiss if I didn't appeal to the better among us and acknowledge T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII's Top Sider may have indeed brought Obama to this special interest funded blog and nothing more than an erroneous command to the royal page, Reggie Love, resulted in a click on the wrong teleprompter post. Not all nitromethane cocktails are equal, spread the wealth of ice around. But the trauma was inflicted through the fog of Newport's and the "wee wee" could not be bleached from Obama's eyes, Federal Cadillac healthcare plan and all.

So much to ponder so little time to rally sober election fraud.


I can get drunk at home you fuckers I don't need you.

Jim Lindgren


I was traveling back from DC on Friday night, or I would have come. But we'll always have Paris (or, er, David Burke's, where you and I once had a quiet dinner).

I'm a big fan of Tim Blair. Politeness requires that I say that your blog is occasionally amusing as well, but I like that Coddington guy's guest posts better than yours. He's my kind of guy!

Jim Lindgren


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I won't be there, unfortunately, except in spirit. Try to behave yourselves.

Merilyn Williams

Ah, so that is where you are Tim, have an enjoyable evening.
Deborah you will have to get wronwright to fly in some more Sumerian Mead.....there is none left.

Hugo Lindsay

Sounds great. Have one on me.

Deborah Leigh

So, Blair could make it to Chi-town to swill a few, but wouldn't make time for the Angelenos???? Richard McEnroe even made a very generous invitation. Well! We will not be hoisting a glass to you tonight, Mr. Blair. Good day, sir! Good day!

PS We were going to leave a bit of fine Sumerian meade at your abode. However now that you have by-passed those of us in Los Angeles, arrangements will be made to clean it out.


Drunken Aussies wandering the mean streets of Cheek-a-go with corn-fed motorheads?

What could go wrong?

Michael Whitty

Plan to be there - Mike Whitty

Thomas Johnston

I will be there in spirit(s) with you! I just hit the beer fund to buy you two a drink. Cheers!

Gary from Jersey

I'm not going near Chicago until you explain what that damn Serbian is talking about in the blurbs. Anybody who says, "a takođe je i linkovao na sjajnu satiru o vikarima Albertu i Džonu" got to the beer way before this so-called Blair guy.


I should be there. Sadly, all the Pontiacs are stashed for winter so my arrival will not be up to my normal standards. See ya there 'hawk.


And there I thought this was going to be about wossnames' Rally to End Sanity, or whatever it's called.

Stuart: I thought you said you were in the same country as Mr. Blair...

Stuart Skelton

I can't believe that Blair and I are in the same country at the same time. Still can't make it, though. I'm in LA, which means I STILL haven't bought Tim the beer I owe him. Damn

mary martha

I will ABSOLUTELY be there. I am ditching my friends tonight to drive to Glenview.


I'll be there with my impressionable son (>21)

allan  allen

would love to attend but am living in Florida (i.e. paradise) enjoy the brews

J Garland

Oh you troglodytes, clinging to your beer and red meat! Why don't you join a nice liberal rally where the drole political wit of snide comedians is delightfully paired with Campari and soda, and soy-based tempe' platters?

Carrpe Diem (Seas Today)

We'll be doing our bit for asobrietous society tonight at my son's and future daughter-in-law's wedding rehearsal. But the people of Chester, Where Illinois Began, Home of Popeye, Gateway to the Ozarks, will carry the torch!

Chicago Journo

You move it to Lake Street in Chicago and I'll but the 1st 20 rounds


There in spirit, so inhale.

Cameron Wood

I don't drink. Also, I'm out in California, but I'll gladly go to the nearest In-N-Out and throw my own Rally To Destroy My Arteries, Animal Style.

Mike the Damn Lawyer

Damn It! I'm already committed to another, albeit lessor, Rally to Destroy Sobriety here in Springfield, MO! Have a shout on me!


So wish I could be there. I'd buy the beer for everyone, but I'm about 900 miles away.

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