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Every day may be a new day, let's have deep clean breath primary, and be in very good mood and thank you a lot to your weblog I seriously loved studying this posting.


Monday I bought a BMW X5 with the V8. Then I drove it 217 miles that evening, frequently activating the kickdown switch. 12.9 MPG average ought to cut it for a good, thirsty romp in the wilds of Southern California.

I wanted a 6.2 Escalade, but the X5 rips the curves like it has no business doing.

Dick Robinson

Ill fire up the smoker for some rippin good ribs.
Mine is a freightliner with a bad cough (could be from 3 million miles on the
clock) and head for Austin Texas, the county line is great.

Dave in Houston

My lovely wife and I drove aimlessly around Michigan's lovely southwest side of the state, hitting every winery we could find, and brother, Michigan has a lot of wineries.

Michigan entrepreneurs are now making some outstanding wines, delicious craft beers and branching out to make some excellent hard liquors. The gin from the New Holland Distillery made the best martini I have ever had.

All of these fine vintners, brewers and distillers deserve your supports. So if possible, take long, aimless car trips in that lovely state. The cider mills are good, too.

Dave in Houston

My lovely wife and I drove around in Michigan's lovely southwest side state aimlessly hitting every winery we could find, and brother, there are a bunch of them.

Michigan makes some fine wines, delicious beers and is branching into so taste hard liquors. The New Holland Gin makes the best martini I have ever had.

Josh Reiter

I celebrated by taking my Subaru Impreza out to a dirt pit not far from my house in Forney, TX. I kicked up rooster tails of dirt and gravel and needlessly drifted in glorious counter steering fashion. Now granted the little Subie only has a 2.5 liter boxer 4 cylinder but I've offset this fact by running a catless race pipe and headers through an obnoxious glasspack.


This Sunday - I'll fire up the V-8 Lexus, now getting 4 mpg - it's old, so what, and proudly uses premium fuel to a store at least 20 miles away to buy a big bag of charcoal and ribs. I'll start the fire by using selected pages from algores pulitzer prize winning book, feed the weber until it turns red, burn the ribs and throw them away. I'm here to do my part!


Keep up the good job.
Alesum:summarizing the world.


My hat's off to everyone who supplied the wonderful pics - they all make me smile. I did my best to burn carbon on Sunday but I feel Little League next to the pros.

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I saw a screening for this movie today and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It has action, comedy, suspense and even a little romance. The film had me enthralled; several times during the film I actually jumped in my seat due to a sudden surprise. Other times I laughed out loud and clapped. The cast had a lot of chemistry; John Malkovich stole the show as a crazy, paranoid retired CIA operative. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren were completely believable as RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) former CIA. Another thing to appreciate about this film: No plot holes. Everything was plausible; nothing was too far fetched. I didn't roll my eyes even once during the entire film.

Coach Springer

If I had known, I would have done something special. But I did drive my 5.3 litre SUV from IL to VA to attend a music festival on 10/10. The festival had sustainability workshops in the afternoon. That seemed to be offset by 2,500 people releasing CO2 from beers all day long, wood fires, grills, the bands' huge buses, and even those flamey things they swirl around with the music after dark. I then drove back to IL on 10/11. None of the sustainability fest and none of the fun was possible without plenty of carbon offerings - mostly involuntary offerings forced from unsuspecting gaia worshippers. A truly diabolical event.


All fine efforts but the individual winner -- who takes it to the frozen heart of Gaia and daily braves blood thirsty polar bears -- your hero and mine, doing it all For The Children; Santa Claus:
(King Julien: Santa Claus is Coming to Madagascar)
He's fat.
Checks his paper list twice.
Wood toys, wood toys, wood toys...
Unionized Elf army.
How much gas does a reindeer pass?


TARD! "...while smoking in front of children." YESSSSSSSS! It's already October and it took this long to find my new favorite phrase! THANK YOU MAN!


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Kant feel Pietzsche

Well, it ended up raining here, which forced cancellation of the used-tire bonfire to Gaea. I did have two full 30 pounders of old R-12 Freon, so I vented the central AC to the atmosphere and then recharged it a half-dozen time. Just to keep in practice.

Nathan from Down-Under

My 10/10/10 gift to Gaia was a 700km (450 mile) solo round trip to pick up a fishing rod. Next weekend I'll be making an 800km (500 mile) round trip to use it.

Pilot X

Today I unselfishly contributed and then vaporized 2,052 gallons of ultra-premium JET-A to the cause of keeping the planet from turning into a giant ice ball. Thank me very much.


I have just rebuilt the little 539cc 2-stroke engine in my 1975 Suzuki LJ50. I think I'll run a tank of duece juice through it mixed at 10:1 instead of 25:1 just to smoke up the neighborhood a bit and get those big ends lubricated. I'll also drink all the little CO2 bubbles in a case of beer and promise that none will escape, for a while anyway.


Yeah, Sarah! Let them FIGHT IT OUT!!!

Joan Oliver

I'm feeling a little gassy today. Glad to do my part.


After my offical entry, I came upon something that might might provide further inspiration, or maybe nightmares.

This midnight perfomance by Survival Research Lab, features a gigantic, shreiking, flame-throwing, smoke-spewing ramjet engine, a lightning-hurling 20-foot Van De Graaf generator and electricity-transcending Tesla coil. And huge robots. [3 min.]


The old Dart wagon with the 318 got its weekly qt. of petrol today. The rings have become invisible and the right head gasket is heading for the last roundup. We've cleared the neighborhood of mosquitoes.


I'm getting pregnant. Sorry, no pics. I am not that type of girl.

Al Gore

To the last, I shout that the debate is over at thee; from hell's heart I stab with cap and trade at thee; for hate's sake I press my red button at thee


The six of us here at home will throw some dead meat on the wood-burning smoker; pour used motor oil into the burning pit and set it on fire; add a tire or two to the flames for more-impressive smoke; and send lots and lots of lead downrange.

And that's just the morning schedule. Later, we'll fly to California, fire up the chainsaws, and start cutting down some old redwoods for our spotted-owl feast. On disposable plates, of course, which we'll attempt to wash anyway just so that we can waste water.

If I'm feeling particularly outraged at the 10.10 crowd, I just might procreate - think of it! An entirely new human to suck down resources and increase my family's carbon footprint.

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I don't think that this movie is going to offend that many women, especially not Pajiba women.

It seems much worse when the objectification and sexism are more subtle and portrayed as an inherent set of values being reinforced by the film. With something like this you draw obvious attention to it, making it easier for anyone with half a brain to think critically about it. Also, it's more offensive when the exploitation is done without any compensating empowerment, which is not the case here. At least the female characters are presented as makers of their own world, twisted male fantasy it may be.

There's certainly a lot to unpack if you want to go that route, but it seems like a fine guilty pleasure to indulge in, especially if you are Mr. Becks.


Getting as close as I can to something on full afterburner watching the Navy Blue Angels and a parade of warships in San Francisco. No better use of gas than Fleet Week in Sodom by the Bay.


I am interested in knowing about parts of car. I need your help in this matter. I shall be thankful to you.


I am interested in knowing about parts of car. I need your help in this matter. I shall be thankful to you.

Blue Hen

I figure that I'll repeat last weekend. Start a fire in my backyard burn can to dispose of brush and sticks, and start a charcoal fire for the BBQ rack of ribs (wifes' special sauce recipe)while smoking my pipe (tobacco only). The only difference is I won't be yelling at the kids to turn off lights or close the door when they go in and out several dozen times, as is their wont.


Oh, Sarah! That one left me cackling out loud.

I hope to burn some brush, lit with gasoline, cut some small trees down and trim the bushes, grill some dead animals, and take a long drive into Michigan and back in my not-nearly-as-efficient-as-advertised-when-you-hit-85mph Fusion V-6.

Sure, I suppose burning a tank of fuel on a Sunday sight-seeing drive isn't art, but we all do what we can.


I think Sarah wins this one: simple, elegant, effective.

Joe Redfield

Forget your silly contest. I WANT ONE OF THOSE BUTTONS!!!

hatless in hattiesburg

Oh nothing fancy, I'm just driving halfway across Texas for the weekend - in an Econoline that gets less than half the mileage of my regular car.


Here's a link to the EPA's Personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator. It might help you choose activities with the most impact:


Well, I will be running the pump for my swimming pool all day.

That should help.

Free Pioneer

I'm going to drive my 73' Crysler Newport to Alaska and club me some baby seals.

Chuck Kuecker

All the lights on - all day and all night. Huge bonfire out back, with the big old 1964 Massey-Ferguson Super 90 Diesel tractor idling, in case it gets out of control. Dirt bike and golf cart rides for the grandkids - all thanks to 2-stroke internal combustion goodness. A picnic in the local park, reached via old air-cooled VWs, pre-smog.

Actually, I'll probably turn off the lights in our room at bedtime...


I am driving my 2002 Town Car to get the oil changed and get it washed and then driving BACK home to get my 1992 Explorer and do the same thing....then I will hook my boat up and tow it to the lake (It is too cold to go boating) fire up the Honda 4 stroke and then have lunch and drive home....

Gerard Leun

Pikers! Alla youse is pikers!

I'm buying a dozen of these puppies,

CO2 Generator 36 CU.FT./HR.

converting them to running on fully leaded gasoline and cranking them up in the schoolyard across the street all weekend!


Our 17 year old washer/dryer & dishwasher all bit the dust recently. They were loud, used tons of water and electricity but they WORKED! Now we have this new, expensive "High Efficiency" garbage. I never knew that "High Efficiency" really meant "Slower than Crap." (just wait until I fill out my next self-evaluation for work! "I plan to become more highly efficient in the next year...")

Anyway... rant aside, all these green appliances are going make it hard to meet your challenge - but I'm sure going to try! Perhaps we'll take the old appliances out to Deer Camp and give them a 21 gun sendoff followed by a used motor oil cremation...


I've got 2,500 rounds of 50s-vintage 7.62x25 cal. Polish and Romanian pistol ammo that I've been saving for a special occasion. Nice and corrosive, very smoky -- sounds like a good weekend to put the old Commie crap to good use, and annoy my Obama voting neighbors at the same time! And then top it off by breaking out the old .69 Springfield musket and blasting a couple pounds of black powder. While smoking a couple of Macanudos, and maybe while riding my John Deere.

Kant feel Pietzsche

Slackers! I have a small pit in my backyard. Perfect for about 40 gallons of a kerosene/used motor oil mix and 3 old tires. A lovely bonfire while dancing naked to a Joni Mitchell CD in honor of Gaia is in the works.


Three words:

(Without municipal approval)
/Ha doesn't count cause it's in brackets/


I've got 5 cars, four of them with V8 motors.

Gonna drive them in a long chain until I run out of gas, then have them all towed home by a huge diesel tow truck, while smoking in front of children.


This calls for firing up the El Co Conquista! I love the smell of unburned fuel in the air.

Andrea Harris

I'll be doing lots of driving, I think. Gotta burn some of Gaia's blood off.


A gallon of coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, followed by a leisurely smoke. Then I'll set the yard on fire 'cause anything beats having to rake leaves.

My carbon action will involve meat on a grill. :)

Killer Kane

I'll do the worst thing of all: lead my life exactly as it is now.


I'm adding extra oil to my two-stroke edger and weed whacker. Then set the mixture extra rich.


I think I'll burn a few copies of "Earth in the Balance" and anything by Paul Ehrlich.

But no Koran, because that might offend people.

Tracy Hammac

I'll crank up the 47 Packard 7 passenger sedan, all 5,000 pounds of American made steel back when cars were cars. That 356 cid 9 main bearing 165 HP straight eight gets me there in luxury, no matter how long it takes and at 7 MPG, has got to make Al Gore go batshit. Nothing better than driving a car that needs a calender to calculate drive time instead of a clock.


I'll shoot ya a video of me doing a burn out on my 95", 121 hp (121=strip tune, 106 street tune) Harley Lowrider. I'll include the dyno sheet, if needed, for you schmucks that will call bullshit on the 121 hp #'s!
I'll use my 26' Powerquest "drug boat" with its' injected 502/502hp as the background.


I'm sure #tcot will find this amusing, but we in #p2 see through it. This entire concept is absurd. It's almost as if you want to make a joke out of saving the planet.

I wish I could add more, but the batteries are low on my solar-powered iPad, so I have to hop in the Denali HYBRID (23 MPG of union-built Detroit engineering thank you very much!) to get to Starbucks for a soy latte while the iPad communes with Sol.


I'm gonna feed my dog bratwurst.


Hey Dave, you forgot the "Gaia: the ultimate MILF" tagline...

We'll be at our local zero-carbon-footprint shrine (see ). We heard they'll have the roof and end walls open -- hope they'll be running the air conditioners with the windows open for 10/10/10!!!

We'll be driving the V8 Yukon out there too, to mark the day.


(quick note -- I changed comments settings so newest comments are first)

Vivian Louise

I'll use my gas powered leaf blower instead of my rake.
I'll leave the AC on and open my windows.
I'll drive my car to the end of my driveway to pick up the paper and then drive it the 10 feet back to the top.


I promise only open-mouth breathing this Sunday to maximize my output. I would invite all of your fans to do the same, but I suspect, being Iowahawk fans, they already do.

Sarah Wells

I think I'll probably run the furnace and the AC AT THE SAME TIME!

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