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Dear Leader’s Face

When dear leader says
This is all about race,
We Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in the dear leader’s face
Not to love dear leader
Is a great disgrace,
So we Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in the dear leader’s face.

When Herr Gibbels says
We own the world and space,
We Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in Herr Gibbels’ face
When Herr Biden says
They’ll never bomb this place,
We Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in Herr Biden ’s face.

Are we not the supermen,
Ayersian-pure supermen.
Ja we is der supermen,
Superduper supermen.
Ist es not ze land so gut,
Would you leave it if you could?
Ja ist not the land is good,
We would leave it if we could.

We bring the world new order,
Hopechange new order.
Everyone of foreign race,
Will love the dear leader’s face,
When we bring to the world dis-order.

When dear leader says:
This is all about race,
We Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in the dear leader face
Not to love dear leader
Is a great disgrace
So we Hope Pffft! , Hope Pfft!,
Right in the dear leader face.


Lark Evor Approved™

Friend of USA

David R Graham,

Thanks for sharing your story,

I was a very interesting read.

I can relate although mine is less »spectacular»

As a new employee I had been asked by my manager to do some research, and I worked hard for many weeks and discovered a way to increase our profit margin.

I simply told my manager and gave him all my weeks of paper work without thinking for an instant of what would follow.

My manager sat on this for a couple weeks, then at a meeting annouced HE had done some research and HE had discovered a way to increase our profits.

I got no recognition for my work, none, and definitely not a raise either.

I was speechless...

I had no proof, no witness, nothing.

My manager is lucky I am not a violent man.

I resigned a couple months later but this incident made me very depressed.

Evil people are everywhere, and they live off the work of good people.

I'm now a borderline poor man, with a disability/health problem while the sleezy cheaters I have met in my life are rolling in cash, cheating on their wives and still stealing from innocent good people like you and I.

Just thought I'd share even if no one cares.


Hahahaha. Having "heh'd" that, I will admit some sympathy for the Canadian newswoman, however. Menopause without one's pills is serious business.


Glad you sacked that other intern, Berg Davos....what a bum!


Seems your detailed, 15 minute review neglected the entire political family known as "Kennedy". Of course that would be an entire report itself.


Have we mentioned Cynthia McKinney, or that guy that who killed Chandra Levey? And just to be bipartisan, what about Dick Cheney "accidentally" shooting his friend in the face with a shotgun?

Oh, and let's not forget the trail of bodies that leads from Little Rock to D.C.

These people really are dangerous!


Thank you for your timely warning. Who knew the threats we are exposed to by contact with these fiends. Please contact Homeland Security at once as these perpetrators are far, far more dangerous than those unstable returning war veterans. But wait! Before you contact that agency maybe you should do some investigative reporting on bureaucrats tendancies to violent crime also. We cannot be too careful.


Even though Jimmy DeLeo cracked plenty of heads back in the day, "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak would be the perfect face for the melding of criminal politicians and media personalities. Maybe someone associated with MVP can keep an eyeball on former alderwoman and current jailbird Andrea Troutman, the lady with the gang banger, drug slinging boyfriend, who was convicted of tax and mail fraud. One of my personal favorites is ex WMAQ-TV tart, Amy Jacobson, the slut who was dismissed for prancing around the home of Crag Stebic, husband of still missing Lisa Stebic, in hot pursuit of the truth. Is there any other city in the U.S. that toddles like Chicago? The "suicides" in Daley Town are getting out of hand lately, just like the general murder rate. Thanks, Mr. Hawk, and I hope MVP is a great success.

David R. Graham

In late 1969 and early 1970, as ghost writer for the now-deceased British economist Robert Theobald, I conducted research on the global extent of pollution events using microfiche (all there was then) of NYT articles at a public library. Bob and I were under contract to Prentice-Hall to produce a book detailing environmental problems and potential solutions.

This particular research aspect of producing the volume took a few months. I had just graduated from Union Theological Seminary, New York City.

I used extents of butcher paper to record the pollution events by date, location and NYT publication info. In this way I traced also relations between events that I noticed as well as those noticed by the NYT. As I recall, six or so feet of butcher paper (that's what we called it then, later something similar was called "flip board pages") was needed for the recording, and it could have gone on and on and on.

And that was all from the NYT, covering through the 1960s and a bit into the 1950s, as I recall.

I had to call a halt because I got so depressed with the number, frequency, distribution and seriousness of the events, and also because I recognized being compulsive about recording and tracking them. I also realized I had more than enough to make the point, that heart-breaking subversion of life and its bases was occurring.

Bad news in very large doses is unattractive. The mind and heart tend to reject the news itself for its very unthinkability.

Finally, I tried to write the whole chart up sequentially as a research report and did what I felt was a creditable job, though it was difficult to convey the sense of inter-connectedness shown on the butcher paper with its dates, types and NYT publication references.

I showed the research report and the butcher paper, rolled up of course, to Theobald. He perused them then threw the butcher paper against the wall and the research report into the waste can, saying to me, "This is impossible, no one will believe it." Shortly after, he literally tore up solution-related chapters I drafted.

I left the project and Theobald -- probably what he was trying to get me to do -- and kept the modest advance because I discharged my duty. Prentice-Hall did not request a return of the advance. The volume was published over Bob's name as "Habit and Habitat," a title his then-wife created. My work is not in it except as unreferenced, blunted background to the solutions sections.

Now, I mention this for one reason, which is that the enormity of this itemization of journalist and politician degradation of human values -- and it shows only the top layer, as Dave and commenters know -- reminds me of that research long ago on degradation of the bases of life -- and not merely by "evil corporations" but by government bureaucrats through their policies and procedures, ordinary citizens through their cherished ignorances and sloth, and children through their unchallenged selfishness. (Augustine said that the innocence of children is in their limbs, not in their wills.)

There is a theological insight which states that were the full enormity of evil and Sin (as existential estrangement, not bad deeds, peccadilloes) to be cognized, the one cognizing would die instantly from the cognition, just as they would die instantly from direct experience of the Glory of God. The physical frame cannot contain either of those experiences for the same reason it cannot contain a thermonuclear explosion.

The usual advice in response to this insight is, as Augustine put it, "Every man should die a penitent."

Reynolds says he sleeps better at night knowing Iowahawk is on the job. So do I. But damn, the daytime is depressing, isn't it!

The difference here, a fortunate and ultimately salutary one, is that whereas I was greeted with "Unbelievable," Dave is greeted with "Oh Yeah!" That is something devoutly to be wished and just as sincerely happening. I am happy.

The Reticulator

As your next project, could you produce a field guide that shows us how to distinguish a journalist from a politician? It would be a valuable public service.


I think some ordinary citizen of the Tea Party should charge one of these politicians with slander or libel (whatever the correct legal term is) for calling them racist, violent criminals. The left has vilified Bush for so long that they think they can say the same things about any conservative and get away with it. Even the MSM is starting to tell the left to STFU about the Tea Party, that it is seen as mostly positive.


Killing journalists only creates more journalists.


So they're violent. So what? The only thing that matters is are they racist?

Mr. D

Now that's News You Can Use.

Fact Checker

For the record, Jesse Jackson espressed an urge not to cut Obama's nuts off, but to cut them out, a distinction with a minor difference.

Tardo Domingo

Yeah, but she is HOT, baby! Whoo!!


you know who scares me? Campbell Brown. She's a journalist and the daughter of a politician who went to jail.

Allan Blackwell

I fondly recall a 1993 incident in Boston, when then- radio talk show host and "edgy" guy Tom Leykis was said to have mistaken his wife for a Yule log and tried to throw her into their fireplace. As Howie Carr might say, a poisoned ice cube in his drink(s) must have been to blame.


I'm going to save this link and every time I come across one of those data-free frothing-at-the-mouth reports of Tea Partier transgressions, I'm going to put the link in the comments with some type of enticing text... heck, maybe I'll just cut and paste the whole article....


This piece of investigative journalism, while excellent, fails to properly warn of the dangers regular people who come into sustained contact with these poor deranged souls. This illness is in fact contagious, somewhat similar to the "mob mentality." Those hard-working SEIU stormtroopers would NEVER have managed to whip themselves into enough of a rage to beat Kenneth Gladney into the hospital if they hadn't been suffering from massive, long-term exposure to this mental disease thanks to their regular contact with journalists and politicians. People must be warned!


This report seems to be the work of an actual investigative journalist. We may need to keep an eye on "David Burge".


I am reminded of Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds' cautionary comment of a few years back, that after a particularly ugly string of journo-crimes, we should not assume that journalists are either thieves, or rapists, or murderers; when in fact many of them are actually several of these at once!

Gawd, I love the smell of frying journalists in the morning!! So much so in fact that I sin regularly, to avoid any possibility I might go to heaven after I die, and never smell it again! Yum!!


Beware the politician who refers to our men in uniform as "Corpse Men." The Freudian slip of the tongue betrays the sociopath politician's secret plot.


Posted by: D. T. | April 03, 2010 at 09:55 AM

Bloomberg is a politician and a media mogul, so you know he's trouble!

John Richardson

You forgot the journalist "burning bed" syndrome!

A local anchorwoman was arrested for setting her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend's bed on fire because she thought he was seeing another woman.

D. T.

Another organization tracking parallel scandals is Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors.

It urges use of RICO statutes to prosecute and shut down the Bloomberg Gang of organized criminals. Perhaps the same remedy could be used to stop the criminous media.

Timmie Joe

How can any self respecting person continue to associate themselves with an organization that has such a history of depravity? The panels they set up to punish and prevent have not only allowed these heinous crimes to go unpunished, they have sought to hide them from the public. Clearly there is a conspiratorial nature to this. We, the self appointed guardians of virtue, must paint all members and all priests, no strike that, all journos with as broad of a brush as possible. They are a threat to the social fabric.


Mr. Burge,
I see you've struggled to scrape together a few random and isolated events of regrettable behavior. You fail to recognize these events as a normal outlet from all the daily pressures of maintaining sea levels and preventing islands from capsizing.

Rev. Al Sharpton Presidential Contender

What am I, white rice. How about Freddy' Fashion Mall???


Ted's dead so forgetaboutit.

Rob De Witt

As another midwesterner (Mark Twain,in this case) cogently put it,

"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress."

Ratbiken VonApehangers

Holy crap, that was an amazing way to rebut the infuriating insinuations (also known as "the evening news") that people protesting against gov`t spending are terrorists, racists, etc. Thanks.

Joe Redfield

I assume you were not referring to the violence perpetrated against English grammar and syntax by politicians and reporters every time they open their mouths, but this is often a precursor for physical violence. Thus, if you're near one of these people when they start talking like a second grade dropout caution dictates you slowly back away and notify the authorities.

marc in calgary

Mr. Iowahawk, why do you ignore Canada? we're not going to go away you know!

Rene Levesque, one of the first journalists to witness the Drachau concentration camp at wars end, later, sadly, a politician.

*the drunken driving story comes from Rene leaving the scene of the accident, going home and drinking to console himself, then remembering to report this to the police. Somehow I don't think that this occurred on the street that was later named for him in Montréal.

from Wiki...
On February 06, 1977, Lévesque's car fatally struck Edgar Trottier, a homeless man who had been lying on the road. It was alleged that Lévesque had been driving while intoxicated. The incident gained extra notoriety when it was revealed that the female companion in the vehicle was not his wife, but a secretary named Corinne Côté. Lévesque’s marriage ended in divorce soon thereafter (the couple had already been estranged for some time), and in April 1979, he married Côté.é_Lévesque

Dan Collins

Vadid Grube is one of the few bloggers who performs real investigative journalism. Please convey to him my admiration and regard.


Excellent as always! And yet it doesn't even scratch the surface when it comes to cultie weirdness and child sex abusers on both sides of the aisle.

David Hester

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I feel the need to warn citizens about Steve Nunn (R) of Kentucky, who gunned down his ex- fiancee in the parking lot of her apartment complex in Lexington, KY last year.

Steve Nunn's Wikipedia page:
ABC News story:

Mr. Nunn's dastardly crime led some of his fellow political sociopaths to try to create a smoke screen for themselves by conjuring up a comprehensive domestic violence bill named after Mr. Nunn's dead fiancee. This effort at misdirection was led by Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo (D).

Fun facts about Mr. Stumbo:


I have heard rumors that a certain POTUS has stolen several banks and a car company or two.

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