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As soon as you can of course bicker about this, but do not say that I admire.

Taggart Snyder

LOL! This video brings back memories. Michael J. Fox is the anti-Elvis. LOL


Iowahawk, are you hinting to us that you're reincarnated Elvis?


How I wish that there were more
Than the twenty-four hours in the day.
Viva, King Elvis.


The Mojo Nixon Kid Roper 1987 (?) tour was a musical tour de force.

Always heartbreaking to see a Country Dick cameo.

I'm caught in a trap and I can't walk out.


Long live the King! I'm going to his birthday bash (6th year!) at he Keswick Theater next week. The place is packed and it's like the warden threw a party--the place will be jumpin'!


Elvis the King lives!

His songs linger on.

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