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Jeff Miller

Would that Voltaire would have been as great!!!


joe redfield

You claim "Why I Am A Democrat" was written 8 years ago, but how can this be? The big Democrat promised 'change', but I don't see any here. Also, there is no mention of Muslim Terrorism, so you must have written it yesterday.


My sad and forlorn life is now completely meaningless: I have commented at ...say, what the hell did you say this blog was called?

Jeff H.

ok, let me clarify that last, incoherent sentence:

I WAS reading the "jib" post on an agonizing Metra ride home the night he posted it. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. People were actually getting up and leaving the car.

Jeff H.

My all time favorite Iowahawk from "jib":

T. Coddington VanVoorhees, on Sarah Palin: "...the embarrassing porchload of children with horrifying hillbilly names..."

I reading the "jib" post on an agonizing Metra ride home ride home then night he posted it. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. People were actually getting up and leaving the car.

To' Azeredo

When coming across your website last year, I must fess up to having been hooked by the various Hoosegaw Honeys you so graciously honored. But then I stayed for the articles; which I at first judged interesting, then admirable, and now find to be more than occasionally brilliant. A few, like "the Tale of the Asse-Hatte", and the long piece on the engineer behind those rocket deathcars, are laced with genius. Great stuff, Mr. Iowahawk.
Oh, please do bring back those Hoosegaw Honeys. You know, for Dan Edwards' sake....

Mr. Right

Happy Blogiversary, Iowahawk... and many more!

p.s., It was a real pleasure to be able to meet you live and in person!

From across the pond, as I believe you colonials say, and way over the other side of the political divide, I too, as an effete Brit admirer would also like to proffer my congratulations. You should be writing for Private Eye, never mind this Anorak thing.


Congrats, Iowahawk, on your 5th blogbirthday!

Laughing while back-reading your satires helped get me through this abysmal election. I sent "Why I am a Democrat" to people on my e-mail list, and got an earnest reply from a thick-headed correspondent who took everything you wrote literally! I had to e-mail him back that your essay WAS A SATIRE. Hilarious.

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. When God created you, He really outdid Himself!

Vitamin Tom

Congrats on 5 years, Dave.
Your 25 are excellent, but everything you've given us is just as good. I couldn't point to any one, much less 25, that I consider better than others. Your consistency is your greatest asset.
Four years (at least) of an Obama predidency should provide you with a bounty of material that I simply can't wait to devour.

Thanks for sharing your immense talent with us.

M. Möhling

Keep on mocking for a free world!


Congrats on the semi- ... uh, deci- ... uh, sesqui- ... oh, hell, on the five-year anniversary, from a fellow Siouxland escapee ... uh, native. 8^)

Dr Alice

You continue to bring the fabulously funny. I have a feeling that the next four years will provide you with a fount of material. Congrats on your five years and carry on!


Thanks for all your good work. I promise that some day I will hit the tip jar. Just not today.

Hannibal Lectern

You really need a Mike Tyson's ass is fat post to round out your oevre.



Can I borrow the Coupe Of Justice this weekend? I'm from Iowa so it should be OK. It has a heater, doesn't it?

big fan

I don't recall having ever read the work of a funnier satirist than you, Iowahawk. You are a genius. I wish you many more semidecicentennials!


Don't get hung up on politics:

"Rejus Rist! Rejus Rist!"

...was one of the funniest things I've ever read.

sbvft contributor

btw iowahawk, this vid is right up your alley. maybe you can use portions of it for your next "obamatots" video: "If you have any drugs nearby, I recommend doing them before watching this video. It’s some sort of introduction to 1970s-era soccer uniforms (”kits” for the purists out there) for Germany’s Bundesliga, andit’s gonna take you on an eye-opening ride. The only way I can describe this is that it’s equal parts Soul Train, Diego Maradona coke party, Brazilian children’s TV show, SNL “Sprockets” sketch, and malaria fever dream. Like I said, it’s best viewed with drugs. Mix yourself the Winehouse Special before clicking play"


Thanks for all the good work--but be careful, knowing the truth will set you free, but speaking it usually results in crucifixion or indictment. I respect you immensely but things are kind of tight financially right now so I can't be expected to pony up any money for bond. And then again--if it gets to the point where you are arrested for what you say--if you do get bond skip out on it and flee the country. That's my advice anyway---

R. Sherman

"Well done" from a longtime reader.



Like so many other folks, I found the Zarkman stuff to be flat out hilarious. I was sad when I heard the real Zarqawi had died solely because I knew there would be no more Iowahawk Zarkman. Yeah, I guess I'm selfish that way.

Also the sad story of the "little old time newspaper on Hudson river" (I paraphrase) aka, the New York Times was a pitch-perfect parody of the cliche ridden "long format" journalism story. And it's even more relevant today.

And if all that weren't enough, I love reading about hot-rods and old Detroit muscle cars.

So, I guess I should hit that tip jar again . . .

Thanks again, Iowahawk!

sbvft contributor

this site is blingtastic. iowahawk in 2012


"I am a Democrat because I believe in campaign finance reform. Sadly, our politics are dominated by advertisements, paid for by the contributions of giant corporations. All too often, these drown out legitimate grassroots opinions, like the kind heard on TimeWarner-AOL-CNN, TimesCorp, or Disney-ABC."

Obama sure did. How prescient of you, so long ago.


Iowahawk, I came across your blog after hearing about the venerable Archbishop's lunacy re sharia law in the UK.
Your postings above are guaranteed to occupy me for several hours, and from the south pacific I send you sincere thanks and greetings.
In NZ we would call you a taonga (look it up.)
Let me be the first. Iowahawk you are a f***ing TAONGA.


Here's looking forward to another 5 years. Sorry the Bernie Madoff thing didn't work out.

Christopher Johnson

The Rowan Williams thing was absolutely freaking BRILLIANT. It was so good that it had me seriously entertain the idea of folding up my little Internet doohickey because I figured I couldn't touch it. Ever.

As for Viagra, the way to go there is have prostate cancer surgery because that's something they really encourage you to take. In fact, the last three or four checkups I had, they GAVE me the stuff.


You've been a light since the darkness of Nov. 04, 2008. Obama appoints (Bill) Clinton to CiC was a genius highlight. You should be featured weekly on all TV and radio shows, from the left to the right.


I just wanted to stop by and say that a month doesn't go by that I don't drop in for a look. I was amused once. Keep up the adequate work.

Big Al

Thanks! I'm kinda' new round here, but I'm glad I found you. Now I can stroll back and see what I missed.

See, I rather like it when people can find humor in all this horror that is... or will be. You seem to be a master at the art. Blog on! Who knows, one day I might get rich and hit that Beer Fund for ya...

Again, thanks.


"Well, That Didn't Work Out So Great" was one of the funniest things I've ever read!


Oh, and one other site design note... the "IOWAHAWK" logo is itself a parody of the "FARMALL" logo found on the hood sides of vintage International Harvester tractors. I grew up on a Farmall-loyal farm, thus the choice of red-black-white-gray color scheme.

The first logo I had was a rework of the interlaced modernist "IH" that Raymond Loewy designed for International Harvester in the early '50s. I dropped that after getting a complaint from Navistar (which owns the IH brand), and replaced it with a tractor tire. Dropped the tire last year to simplify the banner.


Thanks all for the kind words, just wanted to clear up something that I get way, way too many emails about: dog pipe guy.

Guy is a professor scanned from a 1960 college annual I bought at a flea market. I Photoshopped him for an extra big noggin and extra-skinny pencil neck.

Pipe is the pipe from Magritte's "Ceci N'est Pa Un Pipe."

Dog is scanned from a circa 1980 Xerox ad. Dog fanciers tell me he is a Bernese mountain dog.

It's supposed to be a joke on the old book jacket photo cliche of the author posing with a pipe and his dog. No deeper meaning, just wanted to have a little Alfred E. Newman kinda thing for brand identity. In real life I'm not that handsome.

Joe M.

Hey, I enjoy your stuff, and as long as we're inviting Viagra spam, do you mind if I point out something else your readers might enjoy?

"The contents of a pamphlet found among Iraqi shoe-thrower Muntadhar al-Zeidi's personal effects shed some light on his methods..."

Thanks, and keep up the good work, and I won't use your comments section to promote stuff ever again, I promise. Just this once.

Joe M.

RIP Ford

Congrats man, keep 'em coming.

RIP Ford

Congrats Iowahawk. Keep 'em coming.


This blog is made of awesome and you are the king of cool.


How well did we know iowahawk? I mean, did we really take the time to get to know him? You know, in here?

He will be missed.

ronaldus magnus

Well done David. Just when I thinks life sucks, I look to you and think: "Well - it could be worse...."

Thank you for your links to our pal Doc Lee while he was in Iraq and your promotion of the "Legion of Humvee."

Ronaldus Magnus out.

Dan Collins

When I read you, I always think of Coleridge yammering on after one too many laudanum snifters about the refusive power of the imagination.

Dan Edwards

I miss the Hoosegaw Honeys...

Silicon valley Jim

I still have fond memories of a piece that included a Palo Alto High School student gutting a catfish. Happy Anniversary to a blogger whose greatest hits just keep on comin'!


Happy 5th Blog Birthday!
May the next 5 be just as BRILLIANT.
I hope that cake is Italian creme...I luv cake....


This blog is one of my first stops in my "busy" "work" day.... the Dan Rather Mysteries and the Strib Community News are in my Iowahawk TOP 5.... hell, being a Southerner, I hadn't a clue as to who Lileks was.... now I read his stuff all the time too!! I especially love it when he hammers that wacko-lefty-NPRist-keillor!! You outta do a parody on that numbskull too!

Thanks Dave!! Keep up the great work!!


You are too funny. I hope we are bunkmates at the Department of Media Fairness' Camp Pelosi.


Daaaaavvvvvve....... I love you man! These past 5 years have been the BEST times of my life!! YOU'RE WAY funnier than that other guy..... you know, what's his face.... hey man, could ya crank up the Coupe-of-Justice and run me to the store to grab another case!?!? huh, you'll go for me?!?....oooooh, THANKS!!! I love you man!! you win the election??


Fantastic satyr-ical mockerages; you're a freakin' genius at play. My personal favorites were the Marcotte skewerings.

Keep 'em roiling.


Great job... you have my support.

Keep 'em coming and thanks! ;-)

SSG Pooh

Just praying that you and Blair head off on a few months of road trips through Oz and the US. The resulting tome would make Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas look like a Care Bears episode.

I remain not worthy.

Son of the South

Semidecicentennial? Sounds dirty - hope it doesn't mean half, of a tenth, of a hundredth? Did you make that up or do people generally celebrate five years with such polysyllabic extravagance?

Cheers to you, sir - please entertain us with another quinque years of the Internet's most biting and hilarious satire.



It really is Iowahawk's world, and we are merely his subjects! I've been voraciously inhaling every post for quite a while now. If I wasn't a married woman, and Iowahawk wasn't a married man, I'd chase him to the ends of the blogosphere! The flyover posts may be my fave, as I am a good ol' Southern girl. I don't know whether to be viciously jealous of Iowahawk's satirical abilities, or just grateful he shares them. Congrats on 5 years of excellence.

Your ether stalker,

D. Butler

Infidel Tiger

So this isn't a cult? What was all that weird sex about then?

Mrs. Peel

Thanks for the roundup, Iowahawk. I love the Tale of the Asse-Hatte. Another of my favorites is "Hungry Like Naomi Wolf," which you reposted recently, and I am also very fond of "The Pussy Always Purrs Twice," the Wolcott parody you did a while back. I guess the latter is a bit too inside-baseball for this kind of list, but the Naomi Wolf story always makes me laugh so hard. I'm surprised you didn't include it.

Anyway, congratulations on five years, and I'm off to reread the Zarkman chronicles!


That Asse-Hatte poem was a masterwork. I'm getting a little tear in the corner of my eye.


Congrats on the B'day.
I really enjoy your work.
Now where's that ball of the day?


Congratulations on five years, and keep up the good work! You've written some hilarious stuff; my personal favorites are The Idiossey, Cave Profs, and Heart of Redness.



Glad for the opportunity to gush, although I won't go so far as to give you a man-hug. That just wouldn't do.

I have been frequenting your site for quite some time. You have a singular wit that more often than not leaves me in stitches - and I promise I won't sue.

However I do think your absolute best post ever was the one you wrote just after the Presidential election last month. I ended up emailing the link to several people I know who are of a similar political bent; your post described how we felt so succinctly that I couldn't have added a single word.

Oh, and when you did the Youtube vid of Tobacco King, I played it on my sound system via Netgear's EVA8000 box; I think if I had been the one to have got behind the wheel of *that* car, even just to idle it over an auction block, I would have (to use AllahPundit's old phrase) felt "funny in the pants". That thing deserves a Bonneville run like nothing else.

Keep on skewering.



Ah, Iowahawk, I am so glad I came across your website a few months ago. As a struggling young mother of two, I often find myself worried about our future. But reading your blog always makes me chuckle!

Thanks for posting links to your best--they will keep me in a good mood for days (and for that, my kids thank you, too).

T. Marcell

Dave, congrats, all of the top 25 are good, and I first started reading this site because of the "Why I Am a Democrat" piece. But there is one you omitted--"Well, That Didn't Work Out So Great"--the first-person account of the UK terrorists who got beaten down by that incomprehensible airport security guard--frickin' hilarious. You are the funniest guy on the intertubes.



Here's to five more. My only complaint is that you don't have a search mechanism on the site, because it's a pain to click through "older crap/newer crap" when I remember something you wrote and have to read it right now.

Thanks for linking to the Pandagon "My Fair Lady" spoof, it's one of my favorites. I seem to recall MAD magazine spoofing the same musical (something along the lines of, "He's a pig, Mallion") and I kept thinking that perfection would be your parody, illustrated by the great Wally Wood.

I dunno what your day job is, but I hope you get enough via the tip jar to keep going for a while yet.


Don't sell yourself short on "Clockwork O-Rage" - one of my all time favorites. You were a beacon of light in the dark times of Election 08.


For me, "I Love You Too, Cecilia Lucas" is the best I've read. I dredge it up every couple months when I'm in the mood for some inspiring poetry. You've captured Berkley / Hezbo love like no one else.

Thank you for your service to the interweb community.


It's terrific, keep it coming.


A whole 20th of a century, and still blogging! What an achievement. I applaud you. Congratulations.

An Iraqi* blessing: "May someone notorious hurl his shoes at you."
* (I am not an actual Iraqi)

And a Kos/Congressional/Big 3 blessing: "May you be appointed village savant by the village of idiots."



Made from the best stuff on earth...just like Snapple.


Iowahawk is one of the very best blogs on the internet! Your satire is amazing and I look forward to every word you write. Many thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us all and happy anniversary!


I can't begin to tell you how much enjoyment I get from reading Iowahawk. Here's hoping for many, many more years of your outstanding work.(Of course, I do worry that when my family sees me laughing out loud in front of the computer, the institution of a conservatorship isn't far off, but I'll take that risk.)


Yeah, a couple of people sent me the KFMB link. I have asked the guy to take it down but he has ignored the request. I might have to resort to other means.

That KSFO YouTube voiceover thing was pretty funny, but it'd be nice to have an attribution.

Boogie Man

You could make a good living from suing the radio stations who rip you off. Have you seen this?

Or this?

Come out to California for a lawsuit vacation!


You are a genius. Keep 'em coming. :)


Ixnay on the illegal-ay onations-day.

I don't know nothin' about nothin'.


Say, um, I did that whole “I’ll donate $2 million dollars to your campaign,” er...turns out that was kinda illegal. So, just don’t remind people about that whole ‘running for President’ thing.

BTW, what you ever do with that money? You remember, it was right before you started buying all those vintage cars. Have any commemorative campaign stickers or whatnot?


On the contrary, my desk copy of the Oxford Unabridged Guide to English Literature spells it "Potsie."

I had forgotten about the Jesse MacBeth thing. It's here...


I really got a kick out of your spoof of Jesse whats-his-bucket the fake ranger. The "Burger King" being the ugly face of US imperialism had me rolling on the floor.

The Zarkman stuff was definitely top notch- I still spread the word on that.

Keep it coming.


I believe it is spelled "Pottsie."

 J Ghost

I'm sorry, but Johnny Nuance was the best piece ever. Pitch perfect. Love your stuff, man!

Rich Horton

Hey Dave, I think your stuff is great, but you might not want to read too much into that. Pretty much any reference to Decorah, IA or Pamida will cause me to cackle insanely.

Steve Abbott

Thanks for all the laughs! Keep the funny coming even if a loyal member of The Legion Of Dumb and fellow Iowa Hawkeye is probably too slow for most of it....


I hope this does not mean that iowahawk is lining up the coupe of justice to jump the shark. Say it ain't so Potsie.


The beers froze in the email truck up from Florida!

Seriously tho, I'm embarrassed for being a laggard on the tipjar thankies, I will get caught up soon.

Jimbo in Wild, Wild Northwest Florida

Dude, you never said thanks for the eighteen-pack of Nattie Lights I put in your tip jar.

What are you, one of those mid-west beer snobs?


Dude, you never said thanks for the eighteen-pack of Nattie Lights I put in your tip jar.

What are you, one of those mid-west beer snobs?

Harry Bergeron

My family never did too good in school.
Us kids were so poor, we couldn't even afford to pay attention. HAHAHAHAHAR!

Better luck with your next 5 year plan!

Yer old pal,
Arch-Bishop Magic Don Juan

Harry Bergeron

My family never did too good in school.
Us kids were so poor, we couldn't even afford to pay attention.

Better luck with your next 5 year plan!


Semidecicentennial? Shoot! It seems more like 5 years or somethin'...

Speaking for untold masses, I would like to thank you for countless enjoyable posts! Thought-provoking, laugh-producing and invariably clever, you are a kind soul to share your gifts with the world!

Best wishes on the next lustrum or five!



I don't care what Andrew Sullivan says, I think you are comic genius. I always feel like I am getting my money's worth when I visit your blog. Congratulations and here's to five more years.

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