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Oh man; time to clear outta this joint - the spambots are here.

Hey Hawkster, can I bunk on the floor at the Super 8? My old lady ain't fond of me comin' home all liquored up...


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M. Simon

Don't you just hate it when the old lady jacks a round into the pump instead of pumping a round outta the jack?

Maybe you can find a cuttie at the Super 8.

Nite all. Been much fun.

Major John

A pity about the beer getting drain-o'd. At least the Huckabee and Romney people didn't start a sectarian war in your front hallway...

Thomas Collins

Enough with the candidates, their supporters and Tammy. When is I-hawk going to resolve the real mystery of the night? We all know he has a stash of PBR, Old Milwaukee and Doobs. But the real question is did he ever take a trip to Little Rhody about four decades ago and bring back several cases of Narragansett Lager Beer (I know they are selling beer under the Gansett name again, but I'm taking about the REAL horse pi$-, er, Gansett). And has he stored them in a basement freezer. And is he bringing some out tonight to celebrate Preacher Huckabee's temporary ascension to the top of the GOP heap.


Was that raccoon being followed by a tall redhead with a tongue stud?

M. Simon

Re. 7:58,

The Red Witch stage whispers Vince Foster and Democrats fall in line. Or dead. Which ever comes first.

M. Simon

Drudge calls it:

WINNER: Huckabee 33!; Romney 24 McCain 11 Paul 0; Thompson 17 Giuliani 0


Heavy turnips do take longer to process.

M. Simon

Orin Samuelson has yet to weigh in with any predictions.

M. Simon

Durge reports that heavy turnips in Iowa may delay the process.

I'm waiting for the sorghum report before I make any predictions.

M. Simon

I support the Thompson campaign position on medical marijuana.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

M. Simon


Huckabee 33; Romney 24 McCain 11 Paul 0; Thompson 17 Giuliani 0

I Heart Thomson

"the only sane ones here" Amen!

Go Fred!


A Kucinich voter just came by, looking for the IowaHawk party. I told him "Dave's not here, man."

(Hey M. Simon, my uncle worked at that Falstaff plant up until it closed.)

M. Simon

Druge reports that despite the voting going on the numbers are unchanged.


One of the Perot voters just knocked on my door, asking for directions. I told him he was in Kansas, and pointed him towards Iowa.


Verbs? We don't need no stinkin' verbs! I don't gotta show you no stinkin' verbs!

Old Mil, PBR, Falstaff...The only thing missing is some Jax.

So, where are all the Perot voters assembling? The shed?

M. Simon

BTW I was a straight A student in AP Math and AP Physics. I got Cs and Ds in English. Which explains why I have trouble getting my verbs right.

M. Simon

When I was a kid I used to service the cigarette machines at the Falstaff plant in Omaha. Free Beer! On tap. yea.

And now it is closed? All I have left is the memories. BTW that was a different age. I was 16. Kids today are so screwed.

Wind Rider

Old Mill?

Damn, things have sure gone to crap since they closed the Falstaff plant in Omaha.


PBR and Old Mill together? Man are you gonna pay for that. So will Tammy...

Happy Caucus!

Joan of Argghh!

Hot damn! Just the sort of blog hangout I was looking for tonight.

*settles in with Capn 'n Coke, smoked oysters and datil pepper sauce*

You and the Vodka Pundit make politics drinkably bearable.

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