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Don't feel so down, this election thing is like a big ol Xmas present all wrapped up in bows and shiny paper. Soon the wrapping will be off and everyone will see the stupid sweater Auntie Sam has knitted ya. The Shia and Kurd are going to rule the sorry lil' Sunni pukes who voted and the pukes are gonna come running back to you.


This was funny - I was actually trying to comment on your 06 movie roundup - great stuff! -
cheers! Viva our fellow freedom lovers in Iraq!Whooo-

Major John


I suppose this has to sting worse than the last Afghan election, right? I mean, at least there the Western media were silent about things. This one has to hurt, with all that cheerleading you had been getting. What is your PR department going to do about all this? I mean, Olbermann can only retrieve so much for you... Sorry dude, looks like a bad week all around.


Sorry, the comments for the other post were turned off I guess, but the retarded gay cowboy sisters finding love had me laughing my ass off.



Just got back from a year of playing tag with your boys. Not a scratch on me. How's that feel? Oh, and it was my homeys who took the video of your donkey boys at LSA Anaconda. We wondered if it counted as one of their 72 virgins.

Enjoy the purple fingers.


k g


Peep this Z-Money. I heard some haters beefin' like Ali G is yo couzin. Is that fo-real?

I mean he's straight-up infidelicious so you might be seen as a sell-out if you wuz kickin' it with a playa like G-man. I ain't sayin'.....Just sayin'

Ya heard me?


Dr. Z


Hahaha, poor Zarqawi.


Yo' sup, Z-Man. I was wondering, there are over 200+ parties in this election. The biggest are: United Iraqi Alliance
Kurdistani Gathering
Iraqi National List
National Congress Coalition
Iraqi Accordance Front.

What is your take on these five ppolitical parties?

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