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Iowahawk, you rock!! The Z-man was radical. Hope to see more episodes next year - at least until he's offed.

Merry Christmas!!


Happy Birthday! Your humor is a product of pure genius!

Cedar Fever

Dear Sir/Madam,

we have logged your IP-address on more than 30 illegal Websites.

Please answer our questions!
The list of questions are attached.

Yours faithfully,
Official FBI Agent

Josh Carter

It's about my one year anniversary for reading 'hawk, and I couldn't be happier. Please keep it coming!


More stories with Ducks!!


Happy anniversary! You bring something to the table for those of us who don't placate.


I thank you. I have translated all your funny into Japanese. The books are selling like hotcakes. (note: Japanese love hotcakes.) I'm hoping next year will be my best year ever. Keep up the good work.


It seems God called Howard Dean last night.

Yes, this is a true story, I swear to god (fingers crossed)

It seems God said to Howard.

“I’ve got some good news and somme bad news”

“Do tell”, says Howard.

God says, “Howard”

“Yes God”

“Hillary will definitely win the presidential election in 2008, she will get the most votes, she will win easily”.

Howard says,”Great,wonderful,I am so pleased”

“But, God”

“Yes, Howard”

“What is the bad news?”


“I am calling from Florida”.

spd rdr

Crap. Another year wasted. Thanks for reminding me.
Can you do it again?


No, YOU rule. Thanks!!!

Joe Kristan

Thanks for the humor, the hoosegow gals and the Hawkeye bitterness. Just like football, as someone said, but you redeem yourself.


Yo Adrian! Thanks a bazillion for your critical help on the coupe.

Iowa State student: I don't have anything personal against ISU. Wait... oh yeah, I guess I do.


I was hoping you would do a post about the Iowa Hawkeye's basketball team, but I guess I can't have everything. Thanks for the funniest blog on the internet, I was in anatomy and broke out laughing when I read your post about the Iowa State student shoe bomber.
Iowa State Student


You skewer the deserving better than anybody else does. With your zany humor combined with keen insight, you have given me more hearty laughs than any other blogger (The Curt Jester is a close second). Thanks for all of them.

Adrian Murray

Hey, 'Hawk. What luck - a one day thread. Couldn't pass up the opportunity. How's the Coupe coming?

You're the damn funniest guy on th Internet and we all thank you for the great insight and entertainment. Just loved "I'm Surrounded by Idiots."

Have a great '06.



Iowahawk,I almost forgot to you have a relative named Aisha?


Thanks for the outstanding, imaginative, and truly unique and cutting edge material. By the way, when do I get my Legion of the Dumb microchip embedded into my forhead?

mother of all blog pimps

Good work old boy. Having a link to you is like having my own personal prank monkey.

Thanks for the linkage dude and the 12 part audio course on the zen of bloging. Well worth the $299.95 I paid for parts one through 3.

I will get the rest when my FEMA check clears the bank.


Mike - 'ipso facto' rocks. Thanks for the art contributions this year, will get you links updated.

brianc - new coupe of justice photos coming soon.

Joe B

Ha ha. We know you are a busy guy, but your wisdom and humour must be spread more often. All I would ask of you is more of the same (much more). Anyways, like me, I'm sure you have other stuff going on. But if you could turn yourself into some humorous 24/7 funbot whose only job is to make me laugh, then this would be a legitimate seggestion. Until then, just keep up the good work, and happy x-mas and new years to you.


Tiki? Sounds like a plan. Unfortunately one of the grand tiki joints in Chicago, Trader Vic's at the Palmer House, is reportedly closing up for good on New Years Eve. Thank Jombi for the eternal Hala Kahiki in River Grove. Another option is Meiers', a frozen-in-time 1940s roadhouse I recently discovered just off the Edens in Wilmette.


congrats, a party avoiding St. Pats day this year
should suffice with new photogs of the coupe of


Thank YOU for a great year. And speaking of the Ipso Facto Comic, we've moved to a new address.


Thanks for the giggles!

Mr. Natural

Ronaldus Magnus

Me thinks a celebration at yon Tiki Tavern is due. Your thoughts, m'lord?

(Congrats from Joe in Maumee.)

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