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Maybe someday we can have Chutch hook up with the washed up Erin Moran and have a Joanie Love Chutchie episode.

LC Geno

Keep those slaps of Churchill coming. Very, Very funny.
When is your Washington Post explorers of Jesusland going to end up meeting Chutch on a mountain top outside Boulder?

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

CANDY (through braces) : Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda


Are you sure Chutch isn't 99.875% Knotan Indian?

jack Linard

Robbie - Chutch is of the Farquarwi tribe. Full blood!

Chevy Rose

I want to know who Iowa is, Please? And what t.v. shows he writes. I need to hear more of his crazy humor.


I bow before another masterful Iowahawk parody. You get 70's TV, the Brady Bunch, and the actors themselves down perfectly.


Agreed on the Chutch T-Shirt....I would absolutely have to have one!!!

The Therapist

You are, without a doubt, out of your mind, Iowahawk.

I'm still laughing. Your overall atmosphere alone is funny, not to mention your writing.



"Hai Chomsky" cologne - you are KILLING us with this stuff, you know. Keep it coming! Cheers.


Has anybody else noticed that Chutch resembles Jose Feliciano a little. Maybe Chutch is also something like 5/53rd's Hispanic as well.

Chutch is most likely a composite of all oppressed peoples of the world especially if there's a buck to be made.

Dr Alice

As a child of the 70's and former Brady Bunch fan, all I can say is:

BWAHAHAHA!! Very well done!


Cool retro thing on the Brady's down to the astroturf backyard.

But, like, where was Buddy Hinton?

Maybe in the next episode, a drunken Joe Namath will drool on one of the Cranston girls.


When Chutch gets back from Hawaii maybe he could paddle his canoe over here to New York City to commemorate his idol, Iron Eyes Cody, the fake Native American (he was Italian!) who--with a tear in his eye--paddled a canoe up the polluted Hudson River in one of the early (1971) enviro ads.

Ward Cleaver

When are the Chutch t-shirts coming? I want one with the TV show logo on the front, and "You heap big dead, paleface" on the back.

Ward Cleaver


"I wonder what Jim's "secret" is."


Ward Cleaver

To be continued?!? Damn! How long do we have to wait for the conclusion?

Iowahawk, speaking as somebody who was 15 back in '75, I can say you hit the whole '70s TV thing spot-on.


I don't know why people rag on Professor Churchill so much, what with him being 100% Hekawi Indian and all.


Just when I was feeling sad that Churhill was coming to speak in my province and one of our city magazines wrote a heroizing article about him... iowahawk saves the day :)

standard deviate

Hawaiian hippies used to put poi-yote in their puu puu before they went on vision quests.

Thanks for that pupu-kaka-licious story.


Eat my puu puu kaka pii pii!

This is what Kirk should have said, instead of "Khaaaaaaaan!"


The lisp was an essential detail. I kneel before the lisp.


Next Idea, Chutch comes out of his three decade quest in the desert for a new Law & Order: Tribal Council.


But will Sam the butcher give Maxine the meat?


Great! I was expecting a shark to show up at the surfing competition.


I wonder what Jim's "secret" is.


You realize, of course, that you've inadvertently given the only possible reason for anyone to hope that Prof. Churchill keeps his job: if he goes, "Chutch" gets cancelled. The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again!


i never understood why zapata hung out with chutch. you don't usually see cougars with jackasses.


I haven't read this yet; I just wanted to be first in line. OK, I'm going to read it now...

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