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RIP Ford

We're so screwed here in San Antonio.
Thanks Sierra Club for making our lives hell when the next drought hits.

Texas Wild Rice? Gimme a break.

Tim McNabb

Sigh - The law is an ass


dang nagit! those are THE best parts of any good ole salad. harrumph.

Ferdinand T Cat

I don't know what I mariposa pussypaws is, but I feel safer knowing the Department of the Interior is protecting it.

Bruce's children want to know if there is any way you could get brussel sprouts added to this list.


You should have checked out some of the links. If you had, you would have found that the same law that protects the Rawhide Hill Onion also protects the Mariposa Pussypaws.

Richard (5th generation Iowan) in Houston

I am reading the blogs today to track Terri's case. Thanks for making me laugh on such a sad day.


*putting down a half-eaten Haha*




I say there my friend - I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hawaiian Haha today.

(I am sure some of those were in the cocktails over at the Halakahini Patouey Polish-Fijian nightclub and coconut bar.)


maybe Jeb Bush could declare Terri Schiavo an endangered species.....


This is in poor taste.

I approve.

SSG Pooh



SSG Pooh



SSG Pooh


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