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The Big Sister (who's 5'4")


Your underwear stinks
'Cause the washing machine's broke
Rinse 'em out again



F-350's broke
Borrowed workin' axle
from under my house


used both feet to
tap out Kiss Alive II on
cop car plexiglass


Whoever knew that
You could fix a punctured
lung hole with Funyons


Will mankind ever
Again create great minds like
Udo Dirkshneider?

Ward Cleaver

Great haiku, man. I promise not to plaigerize it, I'll just link to this page. I dig street rods, too.

Looking forward to another episode of "Chutch". Think you can work in a connection to the ABC series "Longstreet"? Or maybe "Baretta"? Or maybe a time trvel episode with "Alias Smith and Jones"?


Speaking of cars Iowahawk, did you notice the story this week about one of the Cubans who tried to come to America in a floating Chevy truck and later a floating Buick? He and his wife and son got permission to travel through some Central American countries, and they finally took a taxi from Mexico to Brownsville, Texas. He wants to build a replica of his seagoing Chevy.


Note that the Nomad, like its contemporaries the Pontiac Safari and the Ford Ranch Wagon, had two doors -- a feature that Detroit/Tokyo/Dusseldorf are genetically incapable of producing today. Instead we get "sport touring sedans," or, my favorite, the ever-popular "four door coupe."


I've been predicting the return of the full-sized station wagon for a couple of years now. People don't really want SUVs. They want something they can haul the kids around in, while still carrying a week's worth of groceries in the back.

The boomers didn't want wagons because that was what their parents drove, but the younger folks (the ones with money) like big wagons because they're "retro."


56 Nomad:

Had one in about 70. Metallic Flourecto Green with 64 T'Bolt style hood bulge, tube grill, American mags and 327 4spd. Got it, along with some cash, in trade for a 57 Vette. Sold it to my cousin, bought a 63 Avanti.

As best I can recall anyway.



I've almost got this one fixed:

Where's Lil' Kyle Got To?

Bad smell from the porch
Busted chest freezer out there
Boy ain't at his Mom's.

Chevy Rose

Dale and his mishap at Stop and Go, is my first chuckle of the day. Thanks

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