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Dave, in theory the four Allison supercharged engines could generate more horsepower than the thrust of the Super Sonic Car (SSC).

It's unclear whether the Rolls-Royce Spey 202 jet engines could develop more horsepower that 4 Allison supercharged engines. Although, the 2 jet engines on the SSC have tremendous thrust, the direct translation to horsepower is unclear. Some people have developed a formula which translates the intake temperature to the exhaust temperature and static thrust to develop a direct horsepower conversion for jet engines. I would like to see how two Rolls-Royces Spey engines compare horsepower-wise to four Allision V12s. Anyone got the answer?

[SSC site]:

ThrustSSC is the most powerful, most extraordinary car ever to be designed to attack the Land Speed Record, and as the SSC (SuperSonic Car) in the name indicates, it is also one of the first with genuine potential to breach the Sound Barrier.

Where Thrust2 used a 17,000 pound thrust Rolls-Royce Avon 302 engine from a Lightning fighter, ThrustSSC is the first car to use not one, but two turbojets. These will initially be Rolls-Royce Spey 202s from the Phantom fighter, each producing 20,000 pounds of thrust. Richard Noble has acquired two of them, but also has two even more powerful 205 units (25,000lb of thrust) for use when ThrustSSC has proved itself in transonic testing. ThrustSSC thus has the power of 1000 Ford Escorts, or 145 Formula One cars...

It will weighs 10 tonnes, and initial performance estimates suggest it will accelerate from standstill to 100mph (161kph) in four seconds or 0-600mph (1000kph) in 16 seconds. Within five miles (8 km) it will then reach its maximum speed of 850 mph within half a minute.

see: SSC

[jet engines]



Like a rude and ill-mannered version of Tommy Ivo's "Showboat"

Tom Spence

I remember that car from when I was a kid. I never realized it was a Fiat. Modified like that it really should be called a Fiaaaat... think about it.


Damm, that's cool!


The car was in the Guinness record book in the 70's or 80's. The allisons are 1500 to 2500 Horsepower. Each. Four wheel drive, with duals all the way around. In Australia you could register it as a tractor, and drive it down the road!


Four Allison V12 Engines-

That's a car I have not seen. I have seen dual V8 drag-racers and multi-engine tractors. But, the 4 Allison engine car I have never seen (actual or in a picture) until your popup picture. Hey, does this thing actually fire up and run?

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Two questions:

Did Bangle design it?

And, how many cupholders?

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