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Do you have a special chapter for women?

Because you know I was going to write about po... how do you spell it? Polotics, but it is so confusing and there are no pretty pictures. And reading is so unladylike.

Maybe I'll just start a blogthingy about shoes, everyone likes shoes, right?


Ultra-high-end users such as Andrew Sullivan sometime select secret atomic blogging systems that reportedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Sullivan is still out there?!? Didn't he announce that he was quitting a couple of months ago?


A dentist is a guy who smooths your car's sheet metal all purty.


Hey Dave I'm back. 37 days in Kentucky and not a single drop of hootch. Damn Army.


Us HAVE gotta take Ralphie to that...the...

Say Marcus, what's a 'dentist?'


MAN! Now I am so EMPOWERED, I could almost cry.


Gotta have that hi-end designer Andrew Sullivan skin lol.

John from WuzzaDem of the...good...blogger...things...reported.


Dude, there's only so much traffic to go around. The more you give away our secrets, the closer draws the day that my 2 dozen or so faithfuls will realise what a scam this is. Damn you, Hawk...



Please correct the following sentence:

Incorrect: "Us has gotta take Ralphie to the dentist on Tuesday."

Correct: "Us has gotta take Ralphie to the dentist on WEDNESDAY."


Iconic Midwesterner

So I was supposed to first be a nice guy THEN threaten Instapundit?


I guess I won't send those flowers now.

Harry Heidelberg

This is so cool, you are unlocking the secret world of blogging. I feel overwhelmed to think that you would so openly share such proven methods. With this kind of collaboration, millions of people in pajamas can build a new and better world! Everyone can share cat pictures and we will learn that people in other cultures also have pets like ours.

Tim P

Sign me up for that session, er, I mean seminar at the Ramada Inn, just past the barricaded gorge & clutter.


Ummm..not to quibble, but shouldn't there be an 'a' in front of 'software?'

Incorrect: I bought software for my new internet computer.
Correct: I bought a software for my new internet computer.


The electronic digital computer invented at Iowa State! Yet another example of Ivy League schools ripping off flyover country intellectual property. This must stop!!


Hilarious, one of your best ever. The excerpted endorsements made me cry with laughter.

ARC: StWendeler

Look at that! I put my trackback on this hyperblog and I've already had 90 ...ummmm.. no, 9.... errr... nine people visit my Blog. I'd better go check my Google AdSense account to see when they'll send me a check.

Not sure how much traffic I need to roll in cash like IowaHawk / InstaPundit, but I'm sure I'm close! Thanks for the Comment, Iowa! Good to know that you were one of the... 9 people.

St Wendeler


Hell, he could sell pajamas right here on the blog. Talk about targetted marketing.


i believe you missed one of the more important components of blogging--pajamas. i once tried blogging without pajamas and i was cited for indecency by the wall st journal online, among others. maybe you can cover pajamas in your revised edition?

James McGrath

The model advertising your sponsor, DustyBrand, is hot! Wasn't she the runner up to Ms. Afghanistan?


courage, ih.

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