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Thor Jr.

Hmmm. Reminds me of my Luddite English teacher. Have you got any real estate flyers handy that I could give to him?


LoL :)


These people obviously weren't Platonists... ;)



Egads, that was awesome! Man you are supreme when it comes to satire. You are so on the money here with this hilarious portrayal of the idiocy of much of todays academia. Keep hammering away 'cause you is hittin the nail square every time!

One wonders how the world of academia is so blind to it's own idiocy...but regardless of how, this is big time funny!


Hey Iowahawk,
I thought you'd get a kick out of someone using _you_ in satire! This peice was linked from Jeff Jarvis, and reminds me of some of your work.


Ted Rall... heh. :)


My wife and I love your pieces, Hawk.

I hope you'll find time to check out this post on my website...

Last Bus to Cascadia

And it came to pass in the commencement of the second term of the reign of George Bush that the Moonbats journeyed forth from hidden aeries in their archipelago of tiny blue islands to navigate the turbulent crimson waters which had innundated their lands, flooded their caves and sorely soddened their marijuna crops.

An icy winter's mist cast a somber pall upon the sad journey from the land of their forebats, and the moonbats huddled together for warmth with their tiny "Bush Lied" sweatshirts wound tightly around them and their Michael Moore memorial baseball caps pulled snugly down over their little bat ears.

One by one and two by two the moonbats scuttled aboard the waiting Red Sea & Ohio Jubiliation Ferry that would transport them and their soggy moonbat paraphenalia across the white capped strait to the waiting bus marked simply "Cascadia".

Entire post on my website. Thanks for checking...

Roger Carl

Guess the choices of caves are few where Grok lives.
I would think a bat cave would be much better with the stench of the droppings, the cold, darkness, depth (can't hear those cars going by, just the primitive screeeechy sounds and flapping wings). Or maybe an old uranium ore mine would light him up. Does he ever hold class in a cave? I'm sure his students would love it.

Grant Drive

I love all your stuff, and this may be the best ever. Great topic, wonderfully executed.

Scott Scheule

Positively brilliant.

Canine Dairy Assn

As the Director of the Canine Dairy Assn., I can assure your readers that it is entirely possible to milk a dead dog. However, the output in these cases are generally disappointing. For best results, we suggest milking take place after the dog has been diagnosed terminal but before it passes on to doggy heaven.

ronaldus magnus

How do you milk a dead dog?


Fire bad. Tree pretty.

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Standard Deviant:


standard deviate

Hey Son of a Pig and a Monkey - Don't forget Captain Caveman and Land of the Lost.

Backwards those would be Tsol eht fo Dnal and Namevac Niatpac.

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Mr. Ioway-hawk:

Apologies for the constant backward reading of your articles, but it started with listening to Led Zeppelin albums.

Anyhoo, I note that Grok spelled backwards is KORG, as in the excellent '70's Saturday-morning show "Korg, 60,000 B.C." I guess that would be "B.C.E" now. It seems that Prof. Lowenstein has views on attribution similar to those of Prof. Churchill.

And back to the backwards reading thing, I previously pointed out that on your Rovian map, you included a reference to GNAT Lileks. And GNAT spelled backards is...TANG, completely proving Rove's involvement.


Speaking of 1967 JC Whitney catalogs, (at least peripherally), you may, or may not, be pleased to learn that one item from that catalog which is still included in the latest edition is the "Steering Wheel Spinner", aka "necker Knob".

Although the selection has been drasticly reduced, a choice of three versions from $6.99 to $10.99, it's somehow comforting to to know they're still avaiable.


Hey! Professor Mognuk is a plagiarist!

Obviously he fails to acknowledge his debt to the groundwork laid by the eminent academic Frankenstein's Monster of Ingolstadt.
I'm of course referring to The Monster's Theory of Fire:



Frank M.

Are you sure this is satire? It look way too real to me.



- Brilliant!

Barney F. McClelland

Brilliant...keep up the good work.


Gravity. Heh. "an important source of hides, meat and milk" Double heh.

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