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Read 'Blogs Suck' in a Bill Shatner voice. Aloud.

Suddenly, everything makes sense.

Dave L

Do I have permission to deconstruct the "Blogs Suck" poem?


Umm... that was supposed to be 'MSM'

.. Sorry, Bill.


If I may...

A curse shall light upon the limbs of MSN;
Editorial fury and fierce op-ed strife
Shall cumber all the parts of the media;
Research and Documentation shall be so in use,
And trackbacks so familiar,
That editors shall but smile when they behold
Their newspapers quarter'd with the hands of the pajama-clad;
All pity choked with custom of fell posts,
And Hinderaker’s spirit ranging for revenge,
With Captain Ed by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a sane voice
Cry "Bulls**t!" and let slip the blogs of war,
That these false columns shall smell above the earth
With carrion lies, groaning for burial.

WagonsR Circled


Somebody, anybody tell me if this is the clearest MSM statement on Rathergate?

"But Easongate is not Rathergate. Mr. Rather and his CBS team perpetrated a fraud during a prime-time news broadcast; stood by it as it became obvious that the key document upon which their story was based was a forgery, and accused the whistleblowers of the very partisanship they themselves were guilty of. Mr. Rather still hasn't really apologized."

Now I'll wait for the next "Big Blog Blast" so I can read the true MSM statement about Eason Jordon.

Wacky Hermit

I call upon Iowahawk to submit "Blogs Suck" to the poetry contest!

David St Lawrence

Lay on, Macduff,
And damn'd be him that first cries, “Hold, enough!”

Mercy! Now I have to stop and mop coffee off my keyboard.


Even the reply to the first comment was the cause of laughter and rejoicing throughout the land.

Fear not the shark.

Matt in Denver

We enjoyed your Wall Street Journal piece on so many levels that we laughed and coffee came out of our noses all over our keyboards.

We were also sorry to see that you jumped the shark with a "first" post. Tomorrow you'll be Fark.

George at Snapshot

It hums for thee.


But hasn't jumping the shark itselfjumped the shark?

John from WuzzaDem

"if, in fact, he did use that word, or if in fact he he clarified his alleged remarks, and whether it was wrong, and possibly whether I am being frank"

He's obviously been spooked by what happened to Jordan, and wants to leave no doubt as to exactly what he's trying to say.


Wait... what if this is all a clever ruse? What if Eason Jordan had the damning evidence all the time, but is stalling for maximum impact?

I wait... with baited breath and pounding heart... for the scoop of the century to hit the newsstands. It could happen in the next hour... or tomorrow... or next year.

Don't torture us like this, Mr. Jordan. Give us the scoop! We can handle the truth! Honestly!



The MSM won't be sufficiently cowed until they stop assigning editorials with such flagrant conflicts. Who's to say this "Bret Stephens", if he even exists, oughtn't be next? If I'm reading him correctly, he seems to be asking for it, no?

I'm Googling "bret stephens ass bandit for hire" right away!


It's also the first time somebody called "First" here.

I think the first "First" is the first warning sign of a blog about to jump the shark.



Eason eased on down the road.

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