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boner in Brazil

An excellent rendition/hommage to the Duke. Now let me get to the emergency I think I have a testicular hernia... buuuhahahahahahah!!!!!!

The canuck in Rio

Rhesus Rhist!

Rhesus Rhrist that was funny!

Occasional Reader

I, too, thought it odd that Thompson would be wielding a Glock in 1973. I even flirted with suspicions that this manuscript was not authentic. However, Dan Rather has checked it out, and assures me it's 100% legit.


HST had a Glock in '73? Too weird for me.

Tex Lovera

Roly Reaking Rap!! GOD that's funny.

You hit on SO many things from my youth in one concentrated story: Schlitz (all my parents ever drank!), Saturday morning cartoons, the hazy drug culture of the early 70's. Amazing. The 5th paragraph was priceless.

Your stories have made me laugh harder than anything I've read or seen since SCTV.

Keep it up, Iowahawk. Keep it up.

And Thanks.


I must say I am shattered by his suicide. He was a real help to me for most of my thinking life.

If he pulled the plug, then he had no hope. Or maybe it was a fucked-up moment that got out of hand. Either way,I guess it doesn't matter now.

Thanks, man. Thanks a lot for your efforts and insights. You helped me by being you -- really out front and in the face!

Write home, HST. Let us know what's out there!

I extend my warm wishes and best feelings to his family. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Did HST ever visit Petersburg, Alaska? I swear I saw him in the local grocery store back 10-15 yrs ago.

Timothy P. Mooney

My daughter has been in a deep, dark funk upon hearing of Dr. Thompson's demise. She's twenty seven years old, well beyond that teenage angst thing, but somehow too young to have been touched (I assumed) by Hunter's writings.
Then I remembered... she's MY daughter!... Raised on MY values and foibles and tastes. Hell, we used to read to her from Satre and Wolfe and Kesey while she was in the womb!
I tried to ease her mourning by reminding her of the idiot I became when Dali passed on, and then realised that it meant NOTHING to her.
So I brought up my dear dear friend, Bode, a sweet black-lab/coon-hound mix, who was 15 when she chose to wander into the Clearing Glade Beyond This Road...
...and how I dealt with her passing.
My daughter understood, and understood that I understood her internal agony of losing a VOICE out there.
Hunter, if you're paying attention, I just want to thank you. For touching my daughter so deeply, (which, I think, was your point, eh?) and helping me re-connect with her on a heart level so important as to be way too sobby for a grown man, who wouldn't trade one tear he's shed for ANYTHING!!!

Jack linard

A fine and thoughtful excerpt from one of Mr HST's finest works. I thank you Mr Hawk for this splendid tribute to our hero.

Of all the eulogies published this week, yours is the only one that saw fit to bring back to life some of his most coherent and illuminating prose for our edification.

God bless you, Mr Hawk


In rememberance of the duke I went out
late at night an shot my guns to scare the
neighbors. Great writing hawk.


"But Scooby, what about the doomed?"
"Runter, Ruck the Roomed"

Iowahawk, it was as if HT wrote that himself. What, did you channel him after burning some ganja laced with "T" watching "Where the Buffalo Roam"?

I thought I was the only one who remembered "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp". Nothing was funnier to me than watching a clothed chimp flapping his jaws trying to get the peanut butter off the roof of his mouth. Well, maybe the Hudson Brothers on the Island of Pagu Pagu, but NO one else remembers that gag..


Genius Dave, just genius.


OH MAN!!! I can't STOP LAFFING!!!! Iowahawk your the best man. SO FUNNY!!!! How do you do it?
I'm sending this to everyone!
You have to be one of the most briliant guys around.
PS I LOVED LOVED LOVED your send up of the Tsunami deal! Heap Big Waves! HAHAHA


"He who makes a Scooby beast of himself
Gets rid of the pain
Of being a man."

Dr. Iowahawk


...and I'll send kudos
after these cloaked, vampiric soul-bats
stop fluttering round my head...

Dave L

Who's Scooby Doo?


Gonzo-rific Hawk! You must have Hunter's recipe book....

Tim McNabb

Oh boy, was that ever funny.

Interesting how one can write like Thompson without the drugs.

It is without the drugs, right?


When's the movie coming out?


Best thing I've read in years...

Time for 4 fingers of Chivas on the rocks...

Just brilliant, Iowahawk!

Tim P

It was just after 3a.m. when the I noticed the blog had just been updated and just then the phone rang. I stared at it for a moment, then jerked it off the hook and said nothing. Three o'clock in the morning is not a late hour for some people, but they're usually not the calm ones. Folks who write and update their internet blogs at this early hour are a special breed. So are people that call you then. When a blog's updated at three, you know it's not anyone with a straight job. That's how I knew it was that mad-cap genius of parody, Iowahawk. Christ, he'd been on quite a run lately. 'Chuch', 'what happens in Davos' and now this twisted phantasmagoric kaleidescope of pure parodic genius. There was no sound on the other end of the phone, but I could hear someone breathing.
"Whata ya want?" I finally screamed.
"Luke, I am your father" said the voice, trying to immitate Darth Vader and laughing at the same time.
"What is it!" I screamed.
"Did you see the Scooby Doo piece Iowahawk just put up?" he said.
" Yea, I just read it. Unbelievable isn't it?"
"Heard that bro. So what now?"
"Hell after something like that, you just gotta send him a kudo" I said.
"What's a kudo?"
"F****in Freak!!" I screamed as I slammed down the phone.
Kudo indeed, this was going to have to be a special hat tip to the Madman himself. But what?
This was no time for dithering. If a suitable complement was to be found, it would take at least a case of Grain Belt and two hits of blotter. No time to waste!

Great parody !!!!!!


Still laughing. Maybe it's the peyote.

ron of a way...


As I read this, I swear I heard my mom yelling at me to clean my room. And, I'm 33 years old! Excellent work. It reminded me of many many Saturday mornings watching Scooby Doo.


Oh crap, I am having a relapse. It was worth it.

Joshua Scholar

Thompson's writing was always self parody anyway. Masterful self parody in fact. Unfortunately you can't laugh at Thompson nearly as well or as cleverly as he did himself.

Your idea was good, but actual HST is funnier and darker.


By God, you're a genius, Iowahawk! Frank J, Ace, all the rest of them are brilliant, but you're work is in a level by itself. This is just a hilarious work of art, here, like all the rest of your stuff. Keep it up.


Brilliantly rendered, hats off to you. The Doctor himself I think would have choked out a guffaw in the midst of his Wild Turkey consumption.

John Hawkins

That's perfect vintage Hunter S. Thompson Iowahawk. Perfect...

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Er, make that drugs and flashback, respectively


Son of a Pig and a Monkey

Dr Iowayhawk,

As your attorney, I advise you to smoke drug and drink heavily...

/a 25-year old recollection-lashback


Whoa! That was WEIRD. I won't ever again be able to watch Scooby Doo...


foreign devil

You forgot the 'partridge in a pear tree' at the end of the laundry list of 'supplies' he packed for the trip. I'm helpless with laughter.

One of the very best and a real tribute to both of you: Dave and Dr. Duke!

T Marcell

A Sonny Barger reference! nice detail, Dave.
Did you consider including a leery Hubert Humphrey appearing out of the pyramid, Lidocaine in one hand, a half-chewed remainder of adrenal gland hanging from his sullen, sweaty jowls?
Right....probably over the top.


Holy shit!

You are a hallucinogenic Mozart.


Wonderful - tinged slightly with sadness that you can write a parody that's about as good as some of his work (better than a lot of it).

Will Scrappy save Velma in the sequel? Just asking. Cheers!


rucking rexcellent


That was beautiful, Dave. Just awesome. "The paranoid Great Dane" busted my gut. You're a genius. And a helluva writer.


Dylan Thomas + blotter acid = Hunter Thompson. Hunter Thompson + satire = iowahawk. Coincidence? I think not! This is obviously the work of Carl Rove,damn wait till the DU Underground catches on to this. Way more great adventures!

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