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the Cole Foster Hammett three window used to be a five window. Mr. Hammett wanted a 3 window, so apparently Mr. Foster sculpted a 3 window out of the 5. I love that car. Now back to the homebrew...

Matt in Denver

I think that guy might be the biggest pussy ever written up in the NYTimes, and that, my friends, is a significant achievement.

[sorry about the blank post above. I messed up.]


I think we can safely asume that anything that appears in the NYThymes is a parody, of itself!

Matt in Denver

The NY Times link might be the funniest thing I've read in weeks. It has to be a parody. "I don't mind driving a car built by socialists."


The SSR strikes me as something Roger Rabbit might drive.


SRHCB - Amen to all that. Detroit's lame attempts to build "factory street rods" only show that they don't get it. Exhibit A: the (gakk) Chevy SSR. And true, the builder shows tend to feed it. The best one I've seen is the episode of Monster Garage where JJames lined up a veritable Mount Olympus of 50s kustomizing Gods (Gene Winfield, Bill Hines & Norm Grabowski) to build an incredible 54 Chebby. Goosebumps watching that ancient elf Bill Hines doing magic with a lead paddle.


Hawk - That's right, I forgot about the Strombergs. We considered fire extinguishers but we afraid it would give the wrong impression.

SCRCB - Thank you for the kind words.



I've sold your Painless wiring products, (bought from Lane/Motor State wharehouse distrubutors), and I've been very impressed by their quality.

Last week I sold your 700R4 Converter Harness Kit to a retired guy building his first rod in 40 years; a chopped 50 chev pickup with a 396. (he already has your wiring harness installed).

It sure beats buying all the wiring supplies seperate from JC Whitney like we did "way back then"!

SB (of course, back then, the most exotic electrical equipment a rod had was turn signals!)


1) Hot dang! Tuner babes, here I come.

2) Nix on the LS1, I'm one of those sleazy ratrodders. I was thinking about a 3x2 Eddie Meyer with some leaky 97s. You guys sell fire extinguishers? :)


As a guy who sells hi-perf auto parts, (not for a living, but for a nice carry forward tax loss), still has thousands of 50-80's car mags and his 800+ plastic model car collection, (including a mint unbuilt SMP 61 Vette), places part love interests by remembering what car he was driving at the time, and who even bought a '03 Mercury Marauder based on the exhaust note, (a perfect rendition of a 50's Y'block with Walker Continentals), I feel qualified to lend my unqualified support to the comment about the auto industry's "dream cars", especially those which try to harken back to the bygone days of real premium gasoline and cheap insurance.

Unfortunately, I think the various reality/builder cable shows only contribute to this trend. Most of the viewership is easily fooled by clever marketing since they really weren't there, didn't do it.
SB (was/did)

PS: Still, I guess it beats the car scene during the 80's and 90's?


1.) If you're serious, yes, I can get you into SEMA. Would love to see what earthly form that magnificent mind takes. I'm visualizing some sort of swirling mass of kinetic energy, no?

2.) If you're thinking of upgrading the blog, I would go with fuel injection. Maybe an LS1 with our PERFECT Engine Management System.


Adrian -

Holy shnikeys, that there is the coolest comment anybody has ever left here. Two questions:

(1) can you get me a ticket to SEMA? I want to do an investigative piece on "Tuner Girlz."

(2) I need a new wiring harness for the blog. Should I upgrade to 12 volt?


Small world. The Fosters are friends. I run Painless Performance and we supply them which much of their electrical needs. Cole is one of the most talented young car and bike builders out there.

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