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So dumb

So dumb


OMG, it was hysterical, in the good sense. still laughing. sad part is, while the good ol' girls would help out, the mommies would look down at their noses at them.

Mary in LA

Thanks to you, I can now expect to wear my designer jeans three sizes smaller, because I just laughed my [posterior] off! :-D I grew up in Los Gatos. It's sooo true...

Ken Bond

Good stuff!!!


What the hell are you smoking? Whatever it is, I want some. Either this is drop dead easy for you or you spend a lot of time on these little vignettes. Thanks for the good work and remember "We're all Bozo's on this bus."


It will be a sad day when you stop writing. May God bless you all the days of your life.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Sticky B

Is F-150 Crewcab a boy's or girl's name?

It's got to be a girl. Crew Cabs have more openings than regular cabs. More guys can fit in at one time.

I have to second the motion Mr. Iowahawk.

You sir, are a comic genius.


Great one!
I hadn't seen much of this whiny stuff post-9/11 but it is starting to come back!
Anne (single mother of two, now grown and ALMOST out of the house)


Gosh, it is so gratifying to know that people CARE! As a suburban stay-at-home mom of five children (really) I look forward to the windfall that is coming my way shortly.

The first thing I am going to do is find a five hour long Yoga-lates/knitting class where I can look at myself in the mirror, constantly. I can't think of a more deserving person than ME. Me. Me, me, and me.

Tom Carter

Fantastic! Having grown up in the south, I actually knew kids whose names weren't very far from "F-150 Crewcab." I don't know if you actually do have any women friends left, but if I were you, I'd stack some sandbags around the front door and tape the windows! Remember Larry Summers....

I'll link to this, if you don't mind. That way maybe a few more people will see it, and they won't throw rocks at me because I didn't write it!


Crying with laughter...thanks!


Oh. My. God.


You just keep getting funnier!


hey hawk, i saw a victim of supermom-ness on "cops" last night, and she definetly needs this organization's aide. the burly flat topped sarge and his quite comely little partner responded to a domestic disturbance. they do a walk through of the apartment, and after pulling back some cut trash bags turned curtains, found a kitchen that hadn't been cleaned in months. as funny as it was, the humor started to wane when the camera passed a few hy-vee bags scattered around. please be omaha. nope. unfortunately, it was des moines' finest in action. the reason the man of the house was yelling at the lil woman because of the condition of said kitchen. mr. iowahawk, i think this is a clear example that supermom's need help in the red state sea as well. can you please see to it that ms. pearsall's help makes it's way to the heartland as well?

on a completly unrelated note, i turned it back to f/x later last night to catch a little more "cops". i turned it just in time to see the tried but true "cops" sight of naked black man on pcp. this time, naked black man was bleeding quite badly. the camera was only on him for a bit, then panned out to show the cute female des moines cop again. the eight cops on the street donned latex gloves to their elbows, then emptied about 5 cans of pepper spray directly into nbmop's face, and he kinda flinched. then they all had to jump on him just to get him to the ground. he had no supermom when he was a youngster. see what happens?

J. Peden

I done been wonderin what them talking vaginees were all about. I guess it's what's knowed as a cry fer help! i'm sendin some nice fat home pork sausage pronto. Yep, spam stuffed pig gut shiny as you please. Jes warm under urin arm n serve. Lasts a week or two. Spells relief, they say. Don't know seein as how I got Old George out to the stable. Them petrosexals must have gone on another guzzlin strike out to pedro cardians or some such gol dern thing. Ben Davis made is all I knowed bout sech things.

Think I'll sing a bit: "You ask me stranger, why I made this journey, why I crossed three thousand miles of rolling waves. Like many others, my darling's killed in action. That's why I'm here, I'm searching for his grave. Somewhere here among these many thousands, of Americans who all died true, and brave. That's where I know I'll find him resting, so I'm here, I'm searching for his grave." [Kitty Wells]

Keeps my vaginee from actin up, Stranger.


jeez but you are sometin'! Are you serious or do you have any women friends left? And do you honestly think men aren't out there bitchin and tryin' to relive their youth while the women folk carry on their perfectionistic duties?


Lileks did this with his usual brilliance, but I must say that this piece was worth the wait. If Iowa's public universities stop jacking tuition, I'll tip ya. Or maybe if I get a job...

Scott Wimmer. The driver of the #22 Dodge is Scott Wimmer.

Chevy Rose

I'm a reformed super mom. I did it entirely on my own, by going cold-turkey. No, correction, Jack Daniels, and learning to love dirty dishes in the sink. I'm no longer a slave to clean clothes or changing bed sheets. My divorce will be finalized shortly.

Is F-150 Crewcab a boy's or girl's name?

Pure, sublime genius.


You're a genius - I'm headed to the home computer to give this the trackback it so richly deserves.


Scott Bimmer?

Having just spent three hours watching the 50 laps of the race that FOX bothered to broadcast between erectile disfunction commercials, I'm pretty sure you mean Steve Wimmer. Or is it Matt Skinner? I forget.


Beautiful. When people ask me "Why do you say Iowahawk is a genius?" I'll point them to this post.

mr mcmuffin

Her spelling and grammar has gone to pot.

You always make me smirk, but this made me laugh out loud. I've said it before, you are a bad man and one day you'll git yours.

So this is why you are now the second richest blogger in the blogsphere.


Mr. Yngve: I'm not sure how you could tell if I were to burn out.

Mrs McM: £1.71 ?

Damn, if I remember the exchange rate correctly, that's like $40 in real American money. Tammi Jo thanks you from the bottom of her Harley hardtail.

mrs mcmuffin

Thanykou, Iowahawk for drawing my attention to the pain of these women. Mr McMuffin and I have been door to door collecting cash. We found that the most generous were those with the least to give, but we collected £50 in an hour. Of course, we were knackered by the end of our little walkabout and stopped for a snack and a bottle of wine. We've got £1.71 left and were sending it to Tammi Jo with pride.


It is stories like this that give me hope for America. What I noticed was that these woman were caught up in the Red State - Blue State political culture wars so many have succumbed to (you know who you are). They were just reacting woman to woman, seeing a real and desperate need and doing all they can to meet that need.

One thing the article did not mention, and I think it may be because of a certain bias in the reporter, is the fine work being done by the women who work the poll. In our area, the youthful (and some unfortunately not so youthful) gentlemen's entertainment dancers have been donating all bills placed over their left cheek towards Affkuent Supermom Sufferers (ASS). It is really touching to see the men with a dollar in their hand contemplate their hard choice between a chance at seeing a bit of bare frontal pie and where they know they should put it. I have talked to more than one of these men, many incoherent despite the excessive cost of the drinks, who acknowledged they gave to ASS because they thought about their own wives at home and how they never had to worry about getting any ASS at home.


You Da Man, Iowahawk! That piece ranks up there with Swift's "A Modest Proposal".

Awesome. Now please don't burn out on us...


Sleepless in Philadelphia


Great post. I sent it to my wife (U.Penn. B.S. -Wharton School, CPA) and now I'm sleeping on the floor in my office.

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