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Highly recommended exercise - take this page and run it through the Dialectizer (set to Elmer Fudd) and read it back to yourself. Huhuhuhuuhuh! Gives you perspective, too. Iowahawk should get a McArthur grant.

Pixy Misa

Yehudit, I visited No War Blog. Wow, that's some really weapons-grade stupid they've got going there.


So True. No one would blink an eye if this was in a college newspaper


Speak Truth to Power, baby. I especially liked the part about the Hot Sorority Girlfriends.


"Reality based community."

I love the fact that you've picked up on this onanistic trope of the Left.

Indeed. Pure genius Mr. Iowahawk.

Assistant Village Idiot

I think I know that guy...


Good post, Mr Keanu Dude - I think you see "is" as what it IS.

We need a new epistemology in this KKKountry...Keanu showed that the difficulty IS in the text. How many realities can you stand?

Can you take a stand?

Am I still standing?

Are my pants on?


We are still revolting.... Is that like people who claim to be nauseous? Most excellant parody. Thanks.


Good strategy. Is Boxer's public crack-up part of the Master Plan?


It's true, they are still revolting. I'm more and more revolted by them every day! ;)


Hi Iowahawk,
Screming Memes has been doing this kind of work for months now. You are a better writer, but, if anyone likes this piece, they might also want to check out

Andrew Sullivan wrote about the Screaming Memes blog back in November, calling it "Brilliant".

Have a great day,

J. Peden

I'm trying to think of something witty to say, but I think I just done been steamrolled better'n Racheal Corrie! "Yeah, Vern, he was steamrolled good, real good."

Maybe you could sneak it into campus papers as a reply to Horowitz's "Ten Reasons", especially since there has been no such reply to date.


Can you imagine me on a college campus today?
I'd be clearing brush all right...

1. clear and gather brush;
2. make big honkin' pile at campus Free Speech plaza;
3. sprinkle liberally with members of the reality-based community and their pablum feeders;
4. light match;
5. make pitcher of martinis;
6. call girls over at Delta Wamma Bimbo.






I liked the backhanded slam against DailyKos, and the "reality based community." Finally gave up on that site. They have no positive agenda, just more of putting the stick in the wheel. You can't reason with folks there, and yesterday, they crossed the line into photo propaganda. Sad.

But alas, Iowahawk, someone with a sense of humor. Great satire. Keep it comin'!

Joe Bonforte

I can't believe it! Iowahawk, committing plagiary!! It's totally obvious that this was cut and pasted from!

For shame!

Jack Linard

Dear Mr Hawk (or may I call you Iowa),

There is at least one Canadian who thinks that you are the funniest, most succinct and eclectic blog person of the modern era.



Another home run IowaHawk. You are one of the funniest writers around right now, from the obvious lampoon of Enourmous U buffoonery to the subtle finger in the "dyke" lurking in the last paragraph.

Awesome stuff, designed to bring tears of laughter. I agree, some rascal should post it at DU or Common Dreams where it would receive kudos for "speaking out against the * Evil Empire".

Doug Stewart

You must, MUST, I say, submit that to some campus paper. It's so spot-on it's not even funny (okay, well it is funny, but still) and I think it could end up as another trophy hanging on the Iowahawk Wall of Fame.

Heck, if the Chinese gov't can think The Onion is a real news source, then how much easier would it be to slip a fast one by a school news paper?


If I didn't know better, I would believe you had gone over to the other side. A perfect parody of lefty-speak.


The scary thing is that the commenters at No War Blog sound exactly like that.

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