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Man of Substance

...contained traces of a chemical, Dimoxycyclene K-phosphate 3, which has been associated with elevated lesions in laboratory animals.

The first time I read that I thought it said elevated Lesbians in laboratory animals... What a relief.

Pluto's Dad

I think David Anderson's comment was almost funnier than the article itself! Ha! Looks like somebody has to turn their sarcasm meter on.

Oh, not to disparage Iowahawk. No one is as funny as you. Really. No, no what are you doing? No ArrrrghghhhH!!!!!!!

Actually sometimes people think my site is real. Kinda makes you wonder how crazy the left really is, if no matter how extreme you make things up, they are even more extreme.

That is the stupid's article i've ever read. Do you think they're eating the stuff. Geeze, good thing elections aren't everyday. Dunb asses.

David Andersen

I thought this information was only known to the state of California.



The posts on this website are satirical, and should not be regarded as actual news. If you find it hard to distinguish between satire and reality, please seek psychiatric help."



You know, I am one of the biggest Iowahawk fans in the world, but some Iraqi in Basra or Najaf is going to be surfing the web and read this and think it's for real, and the next thing you know it'll be on Al-jazeera. Just saying.


Ya, I also read that the proctologists in Iraq were banned from voting.

Thor Jr

100mils? lol. Its not like they're drinking the stuff.


There is also a very informative site about the faked Moon landings on the Flat Earth Society website. :)



Screaming Memes has an article claiming the whole election was a hoax:

"Democracy as Fingerpainting"


No election held in violation of EPA regulations can ever be considered to be legitimate. The only legitimate election will be one that uses biodegradable ink produced from indigenous, organicaly-grown plants.

Chevy Rose

Isn't that also the same ink that's used in tattoos? Guess we can expect the Bush administration will be blamed for all the prison riots when that news gets out. "Cruelty to Animals Bushs Fault" - Details at ten o'clock.

Van Helsing

For a minute there I thought I was reading the NY Times.


Dyphex . . . Hey! That's listed as an ingredient in my hemorrhoid medication!


Another diabolical Karl Rove plan within a plan. Kerry was right, he's had six years to plot. Aaaarrrgh!!! It's seared... seared on their fingers!


There needs to be serious and determined efforts at assessment and coordination to assess the impact of this widescale WMD attack and coordinate a complete and comprehensive coordination of footstamping and assessment.


it is no coincidence that the ink used to designate iraqi voters is the very same ink distributed to left wing publishers in the U.S. the bushies and their ilk expect to poison their political enemies using left wing newspapers. how diabolical!


Biff! Pow! Iowahawk strikes again!

Somebody should offer you a paying job as a comedy writer. (Unless it's already happened?)



Somebody call the UN!

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