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Just found your blog. In the last two years the Hawks have finished the season like winners. I used to hate the end of the season when the Fry-Hawks would get their season ruined by someone like Minnesota. It looks like the Hawks will get two high school all-american offensive linemen at over 300 lbs each from the Chicago area and the best QB in Illinois the past two years, Jake Christianson. If the rest of their recruiting is of the same quality I think that national championship may be possible. No wonder Kirk F. didn't want to leave. A college national championship is a much greater achievement than winning some ole superbowl. Love your writing, Will


Who in ye hell are these, "Iowa Hawkeyes"? Is this some kind of sick joke?

Are they like Nebraska Cornhuskers, only winning in bowl game?

In bowl game period?

Don't dis the NFL too hard - It's just about all there is for a depressed Nebraska fan to latch onto...

Got me talking like caveman.

It's got me reaching for blue-spaceship mega-blotter.

Sweet Dreams.

Where is this, "Iowa", anyway?


I'm a little concerned that the Hawks pulling a game out like that may actually be an indicator of the End of Days.

Of larger concern, of course, is that Coach Ferentz will go somewhere else.


Hey! How about that Outback...what?...never mind.


Geez, Hawk, how 'bout that Liberty Bowl for some excitement? Huh? HUH?

Go Broncos!!


After paying attention to college ball for the first time in ages, I have to agree with the Hawkster. Those young guys played with heart and soul that seems to be rather absent from NFL. I'm still hoarse! Fortunately, I still have plenty of tonsil lubricant. 'Hawk, yours is on the way today. Keep an eye out for a scary man with a package.



Sorry, had to get it out of my system.


as somebody that hates the BCS with a deep, seething hate, I find comfort in you saying that a team with a 9-2 record playing a team with a 10-1 record was a better view than a bowl game between two teams with a total of one loss.

also, as a former resident of LeMars, I find it highly disturbing that Iowa played in the Capital One Bowl. could they not think of at least SOMETHING to stick in there?!? the Capitol One Sprinkler Bowl? the Capital One 27% Interest Bowl? the Capitol One Orange/Fiesta/Sugar/Rose/Citruf Bowl?


1 - Thanks to morbid hangover, Iowahawk mercifully sleeps through Iowa's 31-17 shellacking by LSU in Capital One Bowl


Congrats and buy him one for me. Great game. Also noted Tate is from Houston (sort of) which makes us all wonder how the Aggies missed him. Good thing- it would have been a waste of talent.

Rand Simberg

Congratulations, Hawk. Your team (unlike mine, whose defense has been AWOL all season: seemed to figure out how to score last. But they were both great games.


Rolled out of bed at 11AM, popped open some hair-of-the-dog, and fired up the chili pot.

Trust me, your nose is glad you weren't there.


i gather you didn't sleep through the game after all :)

congrats, iowa

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