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mrs mcmuffin

Hello there, Mr Hawk. I am sorry to report that Mr McMuffin has been really worn out by his extensive interviewing regime and strenous testing of bikini's on applicants. He is very tired after putting them through a thorough regime of stretches and lunges ina variety of swim wear. I have given him time off to find the Bentley and have taken over the hunt for the British Bikini Killer team. I have found five sturdy and very nice young ladies from the home counties, not as attractive as the ones Mr McMuffin chose, but far more skilled in the traditional assassin arts of throwing a netball to kill and bullying off with intent. They have rejected the bikini idea as impractical and would rather retain their PE uniform of Marks and Spencer vests, aertex shirts, gym skirts and big pants. They are also not terribly keen on shaving their legs or bleaching their facial hair. Is this what you had in mind?

jesusland joe

David, I'm just an average Joe from Jesusland. Heh, that's why they call me jesusland joe. Anyways, I was ridin' around in my 4x4 GMC Sierra pickup w/deer bumper and wraparounds, and I think I might have seen that New York fella you been lookin' fer. I saw one of them thar' Vulva station wagons, ain't that what you call 'um. Anyhow, I think that's how ya spell it. Oh, yeah, I saw this strange fella get out of the car, and he waved me to a stop. Oh, hell, I thought, what's that freak want? I put my hand under the seat and felt the grip of my .44, so I relaxed. Anyways, he asked how to get to Crawford, Texas. "Texas", I said, " boy you done took a wrong turn, cause you done ended up in Arkansas". "Arkansas, he said, why that's the home of my favorite president, Bill Clinton." My instints took over, and before I knew it, I pulled out my .44, but just in the nick of time I caught myself. Whew, that was close. "I said, Boy, if I was you I'd get the "H" out of these parts and never speak that name again." Man, he jumped in that whatever it was and made haste. When I found out that you was lookin' for an outlandish fella drivin' one of them furin' cars, I knowed I'd done found him. Shucks, I shoulda held him fer ya. Well, maybe next time. Be seein' ya'.


Mr McMuffin - how goes recruiting for the British bikini killer team? I found some Union Jack miniskirts for them, but haven't been able to locate a cheap paisley Bentley.

mr mcmuffin

I absolutely agree hydrogen cars are not the answer.

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