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Sorry, your ex-girlfriend has her own BlogAd running next week. I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with your penis or something. My ad sales team can schedule your campaign after it expires, tho. They have a full suite of "filthy whore ex girlfried" advertising solutions.

Squirrel on Crepes

Question. Can I buy a blogad for the EXPRESS purpose of calling an ex girlfriend a dirty fucking whore? I would derive great pleasure from this, and it seems like a bargain to be able to proclaim the whoreitude of the evil bitch to all the world...or at least your readers.


In the past, gifts up to $10,000 are "tax free". Gifts over $10,000 were the tax problem of the giver, not receiver, so you may not necessarily need the all-smay unks-chay unless you just like Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson and Grant better than Franklin, McKinley, Cleveland, Madison, Chase and Wilson.

As always, great post. I'm sitting in the middle of an office in Japan and everyone is wondering what's wrong with the crazy geijing.


Oh my God, you didn't DRINK it did you!!??


BoozePal... Brilliant! Time to harness my inner entrepreneur and reshape the face (specifically, to make its eyes bloodshot) of the blogosphere!


It is a triple googlewhack!


the check is in the mail, mister.

William boy MOTO


Spit my coffee across the desk reading the "Ethics 'R' US" action...

ME laugh too hard, and too much...

Wonder if you could help Democrats all over the World develop some sense of humor...




Pvt. Pyle

If you really want to attract a whole host of advertisers, you probably ought to offer a medium more appealing than your right sidebar. Take a cue from Sondrak:

The Prophet

Dan...Check with the Department of Homeland Security. I think it's them that's giving out the cash to bloggers. Ask for Larry when you call. He's in charge of Weblog Terrorism.
They want you to turn in the subversive raghead camel jockeys when they post, especially if they smell like C4 or there a difference?


I forgot what I was going to say. You made me laugh so hard I had to go pee.

mr mcmuffin

You are a bad man who deserves everything he gets.


Damn that funny..... thanks for picking up my wednesday

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