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Personally, I have no doubt that David Lodge's, I mean Burge's, Marlboro's endorsement is genuine.

Les Nessman

Did you post this with the same machine you used in the Texas Air National Guard?

Pluto's Dad

Zephyr is a name?

Pluto's Dad
News Satire That's Right For You


Cincinnatus: A sense of humor helps.

Dick Nixon

Zephyr is a woman?

Pluto's Dad

You maintain the DEAN campaign says it wasn't trying to influence Kos? Then how do you explain this?

Zephyr Teachout, the former head of Internet outreach for Mr. Dean’s campaign, made the disclosure earlier this week in her own Web log, Zonkette. She said “to be very clear, they never committed to supporting Dean for the payment — but it was very clearly, internally, our goal.”

You complain about moral equivalency? How about we complain about your inability to read?

Eric Pobirs

Or was it?

Eric Pobirs

Oops, that was Ducky whose comment I replied to but misread the labeling. Sorry.

Eric Pobirs

Get a grip, Cincy. By your description it sounds like the only thing the Bush guys got wrong was not trying to hide what they were doing. If you believe Kos, leading online crank for their side, was hired for technical consulting by sheer coincidence, I've got some stocks to offer you. They're going to come back big real soon, so now is your big chance to strike it rich.


I was just thinking:

If these people say they "speak truth to power"

and "only the fool can tell the king the truth"

Are they all fools?

Pluto's Dad
News Satire that's right for you

Jay Manifold

Iowahawk -- flushing humorless pricks from the underbrush since 2005!


Moral equivalency watch.

There is zero similar between Kos and Armstrong Williams. Trying to pretend there is only minimizes what Williams and BushCo. did.

Kos -- disclosed, was written about dozens of times in the last twelve months.

Williams -- didn't disclose.

Kos -- private money for consulting.

Williams -- taxpayer money for propaganda.

Kos -- Dean campaign maintains it was NOT trying ot influence Kos's positions.

Williams -- DOEd admits it was to influence Williams' positions.

Keep up the moral equivalency there guy.


Hey where can I get some of those Marlboro coupons?
I want to start smoking but they are so damn expensive thanks to greedy State Governments and trial lawyers.
I am a young man who wishes to non-conform.I feel that if I clearly disassociate myself from those uncool dorks dissing smokes on TV by taking up the "habit" then I will gain more opportunities to have sex with attractive young women!


Ok count me in. That makes us elevens of readers.

Matt in Denver

C'mon David, round it up to "dozens" of readers. Go ahead, reach for the stars.



"Tens of readers"? Ok, who are the other five?



Funny on so many levels!


OC Chuck

I just got back from Iowahawk land today. There is cold, and there is friggin' cold. This morning it was past friggin' cold.


Wrong on so many levels.

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