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OC Chuck

Who is Nick Coleman?


"P.S. Krugman and Dowd want help, too."

Mark Morford is due for the IH treatment as well.


Wonderful! If Coleman believes the "There's no such thing as bad publicity" he's got to be proud of the results of his column.

If he's got any sense he's still in bed today with the covers over his head.

If he has a sense of humor he's laughing hysterically at this post!


Well done, IH.
The way your piece interlaces Coleman's genuine words with your hyperbolic inventions ingeniuously lampoons Coleman better than any humorless analysis.
Coleman fears humor. He may know stuff but he ain't got none.


When one reads a Nick Coleman piece one should use a pronounced flaming lisp in order to get the full effect.


Between "I just made another devastatingly clever joke about their pee-pees" and "their hillbilly racist plutocrat friends in Jesusland," I simply wept. I'm so glad you do this, what you do.


Laughter is the best medicine, and I feel quite healthy. Thanks!

I recommend your blog to all my hillbilly racist plutocrat friends in Jesusland.

Baltimore, Md.


Thanks a lot. Can't stop laughing and now the whole office knows I'm goofing off.

Tom Friedman

I can't get the subscription thingie to work. Can you help?

P.S. Krugman and Dowd want help, too.


I cracked my ribs in an accident a week ago and I believe I just re-cracked them, just from trying to read the third paragraph to my daughter.


That shot at the Viqueens was quite the low blow. And sooo delicious!

Go Pack Go

Quilly Mammoth

Fantastic! Only a true tool, so to speak, can set himself up to be so roundly, and soundly, skewered.


Matthew Goggins

I can't get the subscription thing to work - hey, hold on, I thought this was found in a dumpster, what's ... is this some kind of a sick joke?

What's up with you internet guys anyway, you're so mean.

J.M. Heinrichs

You did include the "okey-dokey" on Gnat's behalf?



Looks like the only thing bigger than Nick Blowhards ego is his insecurity.


Ooooooooooo, so funny mr. kewl right-wing blogger-booger gonna dump his contempt on Mr. Minnehapless columnator?

Whatever dude. Keep it comin'...

Jim Treacher

Was that shorter than the actual editorial?


That is brilliant. I bow before your greatness.

spd rdr

I never heard of this guy Coleman until yesterday.
Now I know why.
What a tool.
Good one.

don't be that guy

what was that? nick coleman parody?


thanks for the laugh hawk.




This is not parody. This is genuine Nick Coleman. That "found in the dumpster" schtick is fooling no one, especially Nick Coleman. Every last word of this was published in the Star Tribune mistake edition, no doubt just where you found it.

And why try to write Nick Coleman parodies when that is Nick Coleman's stock in trade. Nick Coleman is PAID to write Nick Coleman parodies.

Let's have more on monster truck pulls and tips for whitened tire halves in artful lawn arrangements.



Damn you! I was all set to read another two more pages--keep going, keep going!


I am in tears.

Lileks is going to read it and get inspired and come out with the Gallery Of Regrettable Cigarettes book in time for next Xmas starting with those Kools.

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