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Steve Skubinna

Oh yeah, Lucas, AKA Prince of Darkness. I had a '64 Sunbeam Alpine in college, a friend had a '64 MGB, and we used to compete to see how few electrical devices we could turn on before our cars stalled. You basically could run the wipers, the radio, or the headlights, but not all at the same time. God help you if you were driving at night in the rain and came across one of those traffic information radio signs. The car had a cigarette lighter but I never pushed it in. Smokers who drive British roadsters probably don't actually drive them, just sit and smoke. Or maybe they use Bics.

Fortunately this was Southern California, where it never rains. Good thing too, because whatever the soft tops of British roadsters were designed to do, keeping rain out was not it.

That car had by far the worst "time driven/time spent maintaining it" ratio of any vehicle I have ever owned or operated. It also is, by far, my favorite car and I desperately dream of finding one again sometime.



The answer to that conundrum is to have the electricals in the Coke machines manufactured by Lucas Ltd. That was at least the old saw about warm beer in England. The refrigerators were made by Lucas.

I had a similar problem with my 1962 TR-4, which had all the advantages of a stationary woodstove and none of an automobile.

That being said, I travelled about in the UK for thirty-five years, even considering expatting myself in 1972. Never did, and am glad about it today. Blairistan is not to my liking any more.


You don't see many Coke machines in London b/c they're designed to keep their beverages COLD until consumption, and that just won't do.

Jim Treacher

Damn red states!


Hey, don't blame me for your failure to connect with the lowest common denominator, Treacher. I voted for you.

Jim Treacher

You think FIFTH place is embarrassing? Blogga please.


Why are Americans the chunkies of the world with power cords that fit like yesteryears trousers?

The Brits should be the huskie ones, but the teeth do match the fare of the Bard.


I was in South Africa back in January 03, and once you get out in the rural areas, pretty much all they drink is Coke. Apparently, its more plentiful than water, and generally more sanitary as well.

Probably doesn't help that PepsiCo was a financial contributor of the old apartheid regime. We had to get ours smuggled across the border from Botswana. (And by smuggled, I mean, they stroll on in, cuz it's desert and no one really cares.)


Oh yeah, thanks for the vote.


Yeah, Toblerone is Swiss, but you can't swing a cat in London without hitting some kiosk that sells 800 varieties of chocolate bars; and that doesn't count the Cadbury vendo machines every three feet in Underground stations. Odd thing is, you seldom see a Coke machine.


I thought Toblerone was Swiss?

Anyways just wanted to say that I cast my futile vote for you on the weblog awards...

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