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J. Peden

Great stuff. I don't think the MSM has the intelligence to consider this implied plan. It does not understand facts, logic, science, blogging, or freedom, and also would have to rely upon the paradigm of the right of an ignorant, fearful mass populace to be protected from speech and thought. But, hey, on second thought, maybe it could work! I'm starting to think of those "sweet billable hours".

Walter Crankite

The CBS News headquarters is on West 57th street.


I tried to sell a bike once, but didn't have the mandatory tear-offs. No wonder it's still in the garage.

Where do I turn myself in for this most egregious of transgressions?

Mike Kelly

And yes I know his name is Kuhn, but Cone (as in Head) seemed more fitting.


Mike Kelly

Wow...I sometimes am amazed of the sheer arrogance of those who graduate from the 'once great' journalism schools and schools of thought.

As stated by Mr. David P. Cone, in his article, Experts Tell CBS: Time to Clean Up the Blog Industry, "Godammit, experts didn't go to two years of Columbia Journalism School to put up with this kind of shit from a bunch of faceless non-experts with modems".
I say Wow again! Because I did not have the privilege to attend a school that preaches freedom of speech as long as it fits the corporate 'screw everyone you can and consciousness be damned' attitude.

It is time that the vanguard of news reporters that have failed the truth for so many decades be replaced with something a high dollar education can no longer provide...ethics & honesty. In other words, me thinks you protest too much.

I believe the sudden hatred & now calls for legislation against ‘bloggers’ is but a sign that the Bastion of journalism that was once given cart blanc is now trembling at its foundations.

Maybe Mr. Cone should think about a career change to something that will make him less of a bitter person.

I believe that if Blooging was the Pony express Mr. Cone would call for the horse to be shot, just to be safe.


Absolutely brilliant. Great work on this. I urge you to continue spreading your "unregulated political opinions." This "sweet political crack" warms me. I find refuge in the "shadowy bowels" of the "blog underworld".

Hmmmmm, that would make a great t-shirt "I get my sweet political crack in the shadowy bowels of the blog underworld."

Slainte Mhor!

mr mcmuffin

That's great stuff. By the way, I am so pleased to see the term 'cyberspace' has come back into popular use. I've missed it. Now that we are living in the future, we finally have a word that truly describes the amazing experience of the world wide web: it's about computers and space.

Nathan Bennette

How DO you do it, Iowahawk!? You, sir, have talent. ;-)

Best regards,


I'm encouraged by the move. The whole pack has bared teeth fighting over who will be the next Big Seeing Eye Dog for the blind in their cave.

A slice of the LLL saw some pain then 9/11 passed them by with tears only that it didn't occur on their watch.

And now the blind cluster grope for the next big dog to guide them out from the cold rock.

As for us; we see it, but they will never believe it.


Iowahawk, are you SURE this is a satire?

Ward Cleaver

Iowahawk, you know what you are? Genius.


lovely and purtyful

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