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Wonderful, my friend, and dead on target.

I'm lifelong ACLU basher myself and I posted a piece "A Thinking man's guide to dealing with Theocraphobia" on my blog that I think you would really enjoy.

Can't touch yours in the humor category but I'd consider it an honor if you would check my site and comment on it.

Many thanks.......

mrs mcmuffin

Oh yes, a most holly jolly solstice to all. I can't wait to share this concept in the UK and suggest it to my local education authority.

Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda i chi.


In all fairness, Christmas is a mix of pagan AND Christian rituals (at least in Scandinavia, where I live).

So I can wish you both *Merry Christmas* and *Happy Solstice*... (but perhaps not "Merry Midwinter Blot", the Viking yuletide ritual where animals and people are strung up from the sacrificial tree... have you noticed that so-called "witches" never talk about the grisly realities of pagan religions?)

And a Happy New Year! (Until they ban that too.)


Abu Qa'Qa

Professor, thanks for the article and a verrrry Happy Solstice to you.

Merry Christmas
Felice Navidad
Froeliche Weinachten

There ACLU, take that!

Mr. Bingley

very good.

my bride and i were wondering last night over wine if the aclu's offices were closed on christmas day...

george w. knox

wow. That really speaks for itself. You really are the king of online political satire. I salute you! Drop by my site if you get a chance.




Wonderful post. It's a shame it is almost true.

Merry Christmas to all!

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