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Bronchial Statue

Classic! Nice job. You forgot one entry for November 12th: 6-0 start for Bronchial Statue's beloved Purdue Boilermakers whittled down to another disappointingly mediocre season. Outback Bowl, here we come (again)!!!

George W. Knox

CURSES! I was going with more or less the same idea, year in pre-view, on my site. My predictions were mostly different, however, so I won't feel too bad... Great post, as always!



You're off to a bad start on your predictions (Iowa 30, LSU 25); but you should be happy.


I like the dec 19 event. We really need to start on that. I think we could treat spammers, spyware producers, and virus producers as cyberterrorista and threaten war on sundry small island nations if they don't start extraditing. If anyone complained they would probably meet their fates at the hands of lynch mobs.



meet ya back here after the game. winner gets to say nyah nyah nyah :)


Beat Oklahoma! The sooner, the better!


hey, ih. whaddya mean, usc nips oklahoma? obviously your hangover confused you, although you are entirely right about hurtful comments part.


Hey Iowahawk, you're Yankees/Mets score is a little outdated. Yankees now projected at $236m for the season...


I hate Iowahawk, because he is funnier than I am. Someday, when my ninja robot warriors are debugged, I will deploy them against all blogs funnier than mine, and I shall rule the world!

Or at least the funny part of the world.

Abu Qa'Qa

Iowahawk for President!

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