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I left Iowa 5 years ago for Detroit. BIG mistake, I can't wait to go home - real soon. But MaidRites? C'mon now. Do you know how hard it is to get a pork tenderloin sandwich in Detroit? How they massacre catfish? The first thing I want when I hit Iowa is a tenderloin from Christy Creme in Council Bluffs. Damn, my mouth is watering now.

Richard, former Iowan

Fifth-generation (former) Iowan greetings!

What's with this red/blue division thing? Aren't we all Americans?

I can identify with the blue states just fine, at least with the pre-2004 Red Sox fans. I followed the Cubs via Boone's radio station for years in my Ames home, often while wearing a Cyclone t-shirt.

But maybe I can even identify with the 2004 Red Sox. I have my Bowl hat right here. Ah, those were the days.


LC Geno -ummm...

(1) Iowa isn't in the Big 12. Iowa is in the Big Ten, currently 8-2, and #17 in the national polls. They finished in the top 8 the previous two seasons.

(2) The team you're probably thinking of is Iowa State. If you check the current standings, Iowa State is currently all alone in first place in the Big 12 North (above both Nebraska & Colorado). Sadly, that says more about the B12N than it does about Iowa State.

LC Geno

This is the first time I've been on your site, and I love it!! Very creative and fun!!
I have one bone to pick with you, don't pick on the rest of the Big 12 North just because Iowa sucks and has always sucked. I remember the Big Eight days when Nebraska or O.U. would beat C.U. by 50+ points, but the one win C.U. could always count on was beating sucky Iowa.
Give it a couple of years, the Big 12 North will come back. Maybe even Iowa will put together a winning team.

Go Buff'S - LC Geno

PS - Keep up the good work. Beat the LLL moonbats back to the 60's.


Thanks for outing Fudgieknuckles bar! Now every trendoid from Madison will be making a hegira to Glenbeulah to sample our Fudgieburgers and the Leinenkugel's Red beer. Mmmm....Fudgieburgers!

The Commissar

I work in NYC and I don't even know what a "cup of bancha" is.


Brian, Brian! You've just had a stroke of genius the likes of which comes along only too rarely. Why throw it away? A play which combines the best parts of The Crucible (one of my wife's favorites, by the way) and The Little Mermaid (also one of her favorites) is so, so . . . uh, avant-garde? Ripe? Totally pointless? Ready to be ripped, mixed, and foisted on an unwary (and probably unwilling) public to the tune of enormous profits?

Imagine the commercial tie-ins? All those angry feminists with daughters, or nieces, or granddaughters, or daughters of friends (well, small persons of the female persuasion -- whatever) now have something the can actually buy them!! Little Mermaid Crucible action figures!!! It's genius, I tell you! Pure merchandising genius!!!

Wallace-Midland Texas

From the home of President G Dubya Bush, Midland Texas we give you Bob's Better Burger where the 50% fat burgers are made the old fashioned way. They're patted out under the arm pit.

Brian Jones

If it's Red-Blue mixing you seek, look no further than the New London Theatre (!) in Snellville, GA (!!). Here, artistes and Bush-lovin' rednecks (that's me) get their play on for the sake of entertaining the Gwinnett yokels and intelligentsia alike. Coming soon: The Little Mermaid and The Crucible, in February.

(That's two different plays, in case you're confused.)


Hey now, Reed has produced profitable alumni; it has one of the country's finest physics programs, which I really should be studying for right now. $40-60k starting salaries are kinda nice, I hear.


First the I-80 truck stop (where I did my Internship), then the mere mention of Maid Rite, gosh, I'm getting all teary and nostalgic.

Another great job.


Looks to me like you hit another one out of the ballpark, IowaHawk. Great stuff!

Frank Myers

Could you post somethign about the 2008 presidential primaries. Particularly something I could use on Iowa perspective is obviously important to 2008.

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