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Nag's Head at 53 Kinnerton Street just off Knightsbridge near Belgravia Square. Low ceilings, wood panelling, and the owner throws out customers who ignore his no "mobile" (cell phone) sign. Great pub grub, too. Bar manager, Annemarie, is worth the visit alone.

Has Fredgoblu come to sit and sup at the post OSU table? Chef Brutus has prepared a big shit sandwich especially for him. It's wafer thin...

Forget all that and just have a playoff (I recommend 12 teams, with the top 4 getting a bye, like the NFL). It doesn't really matter whether who gets in is determined by a poll or a computer or both. The #13 ranked team will have a hard time arguing that they were denied a chance to win it all.

Yes, the opponent scalp total is recalculated each week. For example, even though Iowa has completed its regular season, two of its "collected scalps" -- Iowa State and Michigan State -- have remaining games. The value of those scalps will increase if either win, thereby benefiting Iowa.

Is the opponents scalp total updated each week for all opponents or is it fixed for an opponent in the week you play them? With off weeks, that could have a major impact. I would assume that it is recalculated from scratch each week, but you haven't made that clear.


I liked the other "simplified" method that you proposed a few weeks ago. Can you remind us of the formula? Represent it with current results?

british beer is not warm. it's room temperature. take a sweater.

have a great time, and drink an Abbott Ale for me.

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