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What, Nebraska is not #1?

What reason do I have now?

To Live?

Frank J.

I like a ranking system that puts Boise State at 4th (my brother went there and my parents have season tickets).


I really enjoy your humor and your wit, Iowahawk.

I hope you don't mind a bit of shameless shilling but I'd appreciate it if you would check out my new blog The Moonbat Abattoir.

If that's off base, hopefully you'll excuse and just delete the posting.

I really don't know how I should go about finding new readers.

Thanks for any help or comments.

Liberal Larry

FYI, commenting will be light for the next few months, as this blog frightens and confuses me.


Thoroughly enjoying your non-posting, wish you were here.

Er... Thursday, Friday no good - AA meetings. Saturday all right with you?


Mercy Buckettes on the pimpalicious plug. Grab me some floss while you're in Merry Ol' Blah Blay.


Thanks for the addition! BTW, I'm retired.


Them are some sawhorse brackets.

Jim Treacher

It bugs me too, but it keeps people from bugging me even further.

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