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From one corn-blower to the next --- How does the midwest produce so many eccentricly humouress pixel pixies?

They come from places like Des Moines and Omahell, but goddamm, if they all weren't in Chicago at one time or another.

Praise be!!!

The Written Word Is Blood!!!

baby sleep

Your blog is getting funnier every day! You´ve a great mind... should do a comedy standup



The parody is great. But, I can't condone switching the good guys and bad guys on my all time favorite xmas classic.

As for the SNL spoof mentioned, can anybody give me an idea how that went?
I saw it once, somehow uncle billy and george figure out potter has "stolen"
the money and the people go over to beat potter to death? How did they determine that potter had the money??



Very funny parody; right up there with the Dana Carvey/SNL spoof of the same movie.

One more thing. Fix your "about" page.

Corn is good.


Perfect satire. Makes Rob Long look even mediocre'er.


Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn!

(Leastwise, that's how folks down Innsmouth way say it.)


You people.

I bet you would look at the Mona Lisa, and say "Well... her smile is crooked. There are no teeth. But other then that it's a pretty good likeness" *

*(You might, if you weren't avoiding Paris like the plague. You are avoiding Paris, right?)


Also, Mr. Blogger's last piece of dialogue is labeled "POTTER:".

Anne Bennett

"the town has become Bloggersville – a vulgar parade of sleazy conservative websites, FoxNews billboards, and talk radio"
Now there's a place I could hang out!


Ooooooh.... I like the twist at the end

And "I’m your host, Rush Limbaugh."

hahahaha - too funny


One of Iowahawks weaker pieces IMO. Some holiday movies are so bad it rubs off on parodies.



Jimmy "The Greek" Krastapopolis


How about a parody of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, called "MICHAEL MOORE GOES TO WASHINGTON" -- where intrepid journalist Michael Moore endures a 48-hour eat-a-thon to save the "2004 Recount" and declares the election a sham.

Jimmy Krastapopolis


Well done.


Dan-Derful Life is a tour de force...


I know it goes without saying, but --- ROFLMAO! :)

J. Marquis

Great stuff! You are one funny blogger. I've been telling my friends to check out your site.


Nothing better than starting my day with a tremendous laugh! Thanks for making a cold, dreary morning filled with holiday chores so much more enjoyable! I now have a big smile and occasional chuckle to mystify my guests.


UNCLE WALTER: Mary did it, George! Mary did it!

And another small goof... but I thought the gifts were perfect.


MARY: Come on in here now. Now, you stand right over here, right there, and don't move, don't move. I hear 'em now, George, it's a miracle! It's a miracle!

One eensy-beensy goof, but otherwise another enjoyable read!

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