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Jeff Flowers

barry richards-someone mentioned it on LGF about the lawyer for Bush-sorry so late

Sara Hoffman

After reading the your comments on the Hendrick Motorsports tragedy you should be ashamed of yourself for using such an event for your own political "humor". I understand that the comments were made in satire, but 10 people died in the crash and their families and friends would likely not find that funny. Next time you feel the need to be "funny", please do not do it at the expense of 10 innocent, wonderful people who personally did not to you to warrant such blantant political crap.

I hope you show better taste in the future.


Your unemployment segment missed the better parts of the story. CBS News reports the uncovering of previous unproccessed voters registrations listing the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, DNC, and Acorn as employers. As the forms were filed on time, and in full compliance with the Motor Votor Act, the 272,547,123 voters will be allowed to vote in the upcoming Presidential Elections.
In a related move, the DNC filed suit with the USSC to correct the innacuracies in population that the previous census missed, and filed the ammended census to allow Ohio the proper number of Electoral College votes. As the previous segment noted, the people employed by the abovementioned AFL-CIO, Teamsters, DNC, and Acorn are due to be laid off after the elections, and have already filed for federal unemployment benefits.

The Stick

Not to nag but it's spelled Abilene.

Otherwise, it's top shelf stuff.

Rusty Shackleford

You're forgetting the Andre the Giant factor.

Andre could have easily moved the weapons in three or four loads.



Any of these would be more credible than the missing explosives story.

Big Dan

"Bernt Phlem"? Priceless!

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