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I'm back now from my Special High Intensity Training. You may continue.


A parable for our times.


It's official: I'm special (i.e. stupid). I just didn't get it when I started reading it. I knew it had to make sense, but I just didn't get it. Then part way through, I figured it out and had to go back and read it from the beginning.

It's great!


Washington High alumni saw this coming when the school decided in Boston last summer to pull out of the Metro-X conference.

Dr Alice

"Also, will I be able to play piano again?"

Why, s-- hey, wait, that's the fifth time I've been asked that today...


Okay, how about...

"She was hotter than the muffler tape on Duane's Camaro after a 12-hour drive to a Night Ranger concert in Tuscon"


I wish my analogies had the range of yours. I can barely lob them over the fence. Watch this.

"She was hotter than a whipped civet."

See what I mean?


Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this.

Also, will I be able to play piano again?

Vitamin Tom

In the realm of political satire, you, sir, are The Grand High Freak-Genius of the Metroverse.

Dr Alice

Hate to sound like a broken record... but, again, brilliant. Especially liked the "Alhambra Camels" vs the "Washington Eagles." Your range of analogies is amazing.

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