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My first tour in the Southeast Asian War Games started in May of '65 when I went across the bow ramp of an LCM-8 landing craft three minutes behind the first wave of Amtracs at Chu Lai.
After my second tour I was telling all my younger brothers and cousins to do what it took to avoid serving in a combat slot in that war, not because we were wrong to go there but because the MacNamara/LBJ 'strategy' consisted of mindless wastage of young Americans.
I returned with a lot of bitterness but I never slandered the young men I served with.
I'm no kind of hero but I served with a few. John Kerry isn't fit to carry their sweaty jockstraps.

Joan of Argghh!

Go for it, hawk! No time like the present.

Brian B

This is the quote that caught my eye:

" It wasn't complex after all; it was Kerry."

Wait a minute, wait a minute... I thought Kerry was Captain Nuance. WTFO?



How did the Washington Post reporter control the powerful urge to vomit?

Surely while Kerry was fondling the hat (which his maid found in a thrift shop bin), the reporter had to have been crunching up Tums and doing Pepto shots to fight down the acidic chum.

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