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Julie B

Did I just read you right? You just called us spam suckin' trailer trash!

Thats it, I'm through with you!


Wrowwrrr wroowwrr.. ftt! ftt!

Retract those claws, ladies, the 'hawkman likes his kittens tame. Whether you're an all-American trailer momma or a hot British bird from Swingin' London, there's always room in my '79 Econoline Van de Amour. And its carpeted walls make a dandy scratching post.

BTW - the old perverted feller in yeller is the immortal George Barris, creator of the Batmobile.

mrs mcmuffin

I am a British citizen, I'll have none of your Canadian nonsense. So you think Mr Hawk was the venerable gentleman in the ludicrously shiny attire? I was only jesting, I'm not sure if I can read these pages again now I know he is no longer the beauty of my imagination. You're welcome to him!


Wait a dang minute. Just where are you from? Canada? We've laid claim to Iowahawk, go find another blogger to bugger. LOL.

mrs mcmuffin

I fantasised you were the 'hot dude' ( I believe this is the correct US expression) in the yellow satin bomber jacket. Aged, but a magnet for the ladies. The disappointment is overwhelming.


I saw you.


Look for a guy slugging a brewski atop Grandpa Munster's flame-shooting coffinmobile. If you buy the video, I'm also featured doing about 15-second seriously stupid thing with my car.

Sorry gals, it's true; I'm a kept man. Married to the same chick for 15+ years, and have successful reproduced twice. But hey, just because the old lady still looks great in a tube top don't mean I can't thumb thru the "dessert menu."


How very sexy and dangerous, our favorite blogger is a fugitive? I bet VodkaPundit's most grievous crime is serving the wrong type of wine with dinner.

I have on good authority that you, Iowahawk, are indeed married with children. In fact, Julie and I are married (not to each other- um unless you want us to be) and have a combined total of 6 children. So, do you suppose Mrs. Iowahawk will let you take us for a spin in the the boogie van?

Just a couple quick questions, which guy are you in the mad fabricators trailer, do you know of anyone who would be interested in buying a '62 Ford Fairlane, and does your van have orange shag carpeting?


I can't get the dang movie to play. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. I'll even go first.

Funny is sexy, and you are very funny!


Yeesh, again with the VodkaPundit.

To the undiscriminating female eye, any schmo with a job and a wine cellar and load of hair mousse looks "sexy." But it takes a rare woman of exquisite taste to realize that she needs the kind of studly, boogie van-rockin' romance only available from the man who was twice voted Ottumwa's Most Eligible Kennel Groom.

Post pictures? Sorry gals, I really can't, due to a couple of minor legal misunderstandings in New Mexico and Tennessee. Let's just say I've been physically described as "interesting." If you click on the movie link in the post, you'll see me briefly.


JulieB: I dunno, the hawkman sounds pretty sensual - I dare say he sounds downright sexy. Even though I am happily married, I have to admit I was a bit breathless after reading his steamy blog entry. Sigh....

Ack! Just like a cold shower. My kids are calling for me and it's back to reality. LMAO.


I'm his #1 fan scroo. Now, I also claimed to be VP #1 fan IowaHawk. I'm not too terribly loyal you see. I did get one of his t-shirts. Had a picture taken of myself in it and e-mailed it to him. You could ask him if you could see it That way you could decide if I was a "MILF".

So far VP is ahead in the crush factor. You just might edge ahead if I were to get a picture of you. I prefer french (with a small f) food to Pabst Blue Ribbon, but can always be persuaded. But it would have to last longer than 90 seconds for you to remain in the lead.


LOL! Pabst, Foghat, and crushed velvet... What more could a lady want? Be still my beating heart.

Your #1 fan - K

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