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Change your moniker to IowaCYCLONE and I'm good for two 30-packs.


I'd never seen a picture of the Ass Bandit until yesterday. Have you seen the size of his arms? What's your guess, weight-lifting or power wanking?

Nearly 9 smackerinos, eh? Well, you can always sell the Vespa.

Rusty Shackleford

How about I throw in a date with Ben Affleck to seal the deal?


You get nothing from me until they build a bypass through Ottumwa. It's a drive through HELL!


So, um, where is the tip jar? I'll pay big bucks to a Hawkeye to keep him off the Jager.

Laurence Simon

How about I name my next cat after you?

fat kid

Gat damn boy, don't you know it's expensive to set up an LLC? What a turd-burgler that man is - literally and figuratively.

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