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The Honorable Opposition

Beautiful work of satire. It's rare to see an honest and informed critique of the gun shy panicing of the Democratic Party and the popular media's shallow scandal obsessed coverage of politics...

But the GOP is far removed from being a victim in this tale.

Check out or factcheck(org?com?) for a more detailed nonpartisan analysis.


Great article! With the news media what it is today this parody could actually pass for a real "news" piece.

Timing Gate actually begs certain questions:

Is there a good time to announce that you're being investigated for a felony?

Maybe the Dems leaked the information at this time so that they could blame the GOP for leaking the info?

If I commit a felony can I select the time that the investigation is made public?

Mark James

Recall that Berger was on Kerry's national
security advisory team.

Remember how the Clintons were photographed
on an island beach in their swimsuits about two
weeks before the Monica Lewinski affair broke?

Think about how Kerry told Larry King that he
did not have time for terrorism briefing about
two weeks before Sandy Berger was outted
for destroying documents that would prove
damaging to Clinton. Hmmm. I think he told
King that because he did not want to admit
that he had been getting all his anti-terrorism
info from Berger for the last year!


OOPS !! AT Scrappleface


Excellent !! I thought for a moment that I was a Scrappleface.

Rusty Shackleford

As always, classic.

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