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"Keep writing re: Gay nups. Doesn't affect me, but fascinating. You're great."

Perfect. I snorted.


Hysterical. Why wasn't I informed immediately?


Sullivan is a woman . . . emotions rule.

(does it bother you he uses a small p for president in President Bush . . . ?)


Yeah, stopped reading Andrew a long time ago. I suddenly realized that he was a great writer.... but a very bad thinker. It's all just one big emotional roller coaster with him.

Steve D.

Plato with Alzheimer's indeed. Andrew's morphed into a whinging, confused pantywaste. He reads like a wilted lilly anymore. He's pouting out loud because daddy "W" didn't give him his gay marriage ice cream cone with Candy-coated, rainbow colored sprinkles on top.

I'm wondering if Andrew isn't a liberal mole. The multiculti dems are useless in this war against islamofascism. And they'll do anything to win. So I suspect Andrew's switch to Kerry's camp was a staged defection.

Hey Andrew, has Soros topped off your tipjar lately?

Zrkon G

Ach, yes, poor Andrew. This obsession with up what shape of crack one can stick your wee-wee and still be invited to the best cocktail parties has undone him. He reads nowadays like Plato with Alzheimer's, ack phbthph. ..

You forgot "Judicial Activism: Excellent tool to reeducate the unwashed masses."

John D

Perfect summary of Sullivan's detoriation the last year.

I will not read his blog again.

Donna V.

Perfect - you just summed up about 6 months worth of Sullivan's posts. The man with his hand on the pr-, er, pulse of Middle America, which is represented so well by Georgetown and Cape Cod.

I enjoyed meeting you the other night. BTW, I did some research and the "drapes in the nuthouse" movie I was referring to is "The Cobweb" (1955) starring John Kerr, Gloria Grahame, Richard Widmark, and Lillian Gish and directed by Vincente Minnelli. A hilarious crapfest.


heh (to quote someone who will remain unnamed), you about nailed it....whenever I click on Sullivan's log, I instantly picture someone wringing their hands.

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