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keri perillo

Was browsing the internet and came across this site where they were talking about Daemond Rogan, the motorcyclist from Chicago who broke that speeding record on Lakeshore Drive. Have been searching for Daemond for a while, am an old friend of his. If anyone has an email address on him, let me know at Thanks All!!!!

Bill from INDC

Spun out on some gravel on the edge of a shoulder ... at 115mph ... in a Miata. (yes, they go that fast) I think I did 3 sliding 360 degree turns, and luckily it didn't flip over.


96 mph.

But it's the "extenuating circumstances" that make it a worthy story.

It was a used Dodge Omni (honest!). I was driving on Missouri Ozark Roads -- lotsa curves, no shoulders, steep embankments. And...I was CHANGING CLOTHES WHILE DRIVING (I was late for a wedding).


Daemond Rogan A.K.A "LSD"

Larry St. Dubois?

Robert Blair

Back in the Seventies, in Brisbane, I came across a big queue of vehicles on Coronation Drive while riding my Yamaha DT250 dirt bike.

I stopped in the queue, couldn't see why they were all stopped (no traffic lights or obvious accident), then decided they were all dicks and pulled past them full throttle, front wheel right up - when I got up front I saw why they stopped - the cop standing there with his hand up.

He looked at me, I looked at him. I kept going. He stayed still. Never heard about it again.


Last summer I had the pleasure? of watching "Wrong Way Roger" jump 5 cars while riding backwards on a Harley Sportster. The succesful landing was complicacated by "Wrong Ways" confusion between the shifter and the brake and he slammed into the concrete track barrier at about 35mph (still ridig backward). A ruptured spleen, lacerated kidney, and several fractures appear to have ended Rogers career.$65K and counting in uninsured medical expenses the last I heard.


Dacotti do you live in Indiana? I got passed by a motorcycle doing a wheelie while I was doing about 80 back in 2000. He must have covered a good 1/2 mile that way.


I've actually had the pleasure of tandem scootering in Bermuda drunk. Did you know the roads are backwards there? I actually did know that. Did you know that the traffic circles are messed up beyond belief on account of it? I didn't know that.

Sobered up quickly.

It was a '65 Bonneville convertible, BTW. I'm still green.


Fastest flat out in a car: 160
Fastest on a motorcycle (wheels down): 120
Fastest on a motorcycle (wheels up): 80

Matt in Denver

Even way out here in the sticks I've heard about Daemond Rogan, and not just from from Tim Blair. It's one thing to get nabbed for the Illinois state speed record, but it's a whole different level to get nabbed going 160 down LSD. As someone who's gone just a touch under 160, and only in the middle of nowhere, that is completely unimaginable on so many levels. The guy's a kind of folk hero among the fast and stupid (the way of my people).

When I was 17, my dad foolishly gave me the keys to a newish misbegotten '86 Corvette and told me "go easy." Got it up to 140 on I-80 through the middle of Reno. I did not beat that speed for another 15 years.

Guy in my building went through central Denver on I-70 at 155, attracted the attention of the local constabulary, who CLOSED THE FREEWAY ahead of him to get him. Lost his license for 5 years. You'd never suspect him. He, too, was a teenager at the time.

Cheers Daemond, I have to say you're stupid but my hat's off.


Hey, screw you Spongey. You'll never know true terror until you bury the speedo (60+ mph) on a scooter with 10" wheels. Besides, it's a Lambretta. Nyah.

Sharona: same here.

I don't have any insane warp speed tales of my own to report. As a driver, 124 mph (dragstrip timer validated) in a car, 95 on a motorcycle; as a passenger, 150 mph in a car (Corvette Z06), 110 on a motorcycle.


My brother did a rush hour Skokie-to-O'Hare run (Edens to Kennedy) in just over 20 minutes. Not only high speeds, but zig-zagging through traffic. Not only driving himself, but My Mother.

Addles my brain just thinking about it.

BTW, iowahawk it was a pleasure to meet you in Chicago last week.


Maybe you can hook up with him and see what that Vespa will do.

Sorry, but you're never living that down.

Saw last night about a '77 Bonneville convertible in eggshell white. Absolutely mint. Purred like a sleeping grizzly. Ate my heart out.


I had a secret service agent knock me off my bike, the bastard.


160. Chicago. Whoa.

I've had some o' those whipper-snappers blow by me late at night on MoPac - always scares the bejeezus out of me. Of course I could catch them *anytime I wanted* in my Hot Stock Civic. Really.

Fastest, moi? 1992, on the A5 southbound out of Frankfurt in a 2.0 Ford Sierra *rental car*. Had it floored in 5th gear for a few minutes at a time - about 250kph (~150mph or so) and STILL had a few, uh, more robust vehicles pass me. Fairly smooth ride. Gawd, kids are dumb.

Oh, and a few weeks ago I hit 51mph on 2222 on my 10 speed.

So there. Nyah.


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