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Thomas, Shawn didn't print those shirts. Nor did he wear them. The previous owners (THREE YEARS PRIOR to Shawn buying that bar and cleaning it up) made those shirts.

You're sadly mistaken. How does ANYONE call knocking someone unconcious with a 24-inch, heavy steel pipe -- FROM BEHIND -- then standing over him and pounding his skull AT LEAST 10 more times "self defense?"

Get a grip on the facts.



What about the t-shirts saying "fuck the homeless"? Yeah, Shawn was a saint, wasn't he? Violence begets violence.


I bet you all didn't know that Terry Wayne Badgewell is a known felon. The DA knows. As recently as 2002, Badgewell was a fugitive from justice in Tulsa County. The DA knows that, too. Later, that charge was mysteriously dropped. This is only what's posted on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. God knows there could be more - they don't post every single arrest or conviction. Now, how can someone with that kind of past get away with beating a man to death? Is he a narc for the cops? Is someone being paid off? I think it's more than an ignorant DA trying to make an example of a dead man for allegedly wielding an illegal weapon. It's much, much more.


Just an occasional visitor to this site. That video by Shawn's sister was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. All those years, all those experiences, all that love--ended by some nutcase that shouldn't even be on the streets. My condolences to all who knew Shawn.


This is such a travesty and the fact the DA let this man back on the streets of our town is an absolute embarrassment to this city! How in the world could anyone call this self-defense is beyond me. You don't beat an innocent man to his cruel and brutal death and try to kill another man who is trying to calm this crazy man down and call it self-defense. Shawn was a great and kind man. I have known him for about 10 years and know he did not have a violent bone in his body. My deep condolence goes out to the family, I cannot even imagine the pain you are in right now. Mr. Harris, justice has not been served, the power to rectify the situation lies in your hands!


Jennifer -- I didn't know Shawn well, having spoken with him only briefly at a couple of car events; yet it was easy to tell why he was so widely admired and respected. My deep condolences.


Thanks, man, for posting the link. I think we all miss Shawn so freaking much. All that's happened with the DA makes me ill.

-- Jennifer


The release of and absence of charges against Terry Badgewell in the brutal killing of Dead Town Tavern owner Shawn Howard and the beating of manager Josh Martin is an abhorrent miscarriage of justice. District Attorney Tim Harris has blatantly misrepresented the facts presented to the Tulsa public. He has also essentially ignored the witness statement of Josh Martin in favor of a mentally unstable and volatile, convicted felon.

While I wasn't a direct witness (I was waiting at the establishment for the two men to return when the attack happened), I was there to see the obscene level of brutality perpetrated upon Howard and Martin. There is no doubt in my mind that Badgewell should be charged and prosecuted for the violent crimes he's committed against Howard and Martin.

Mr. Harris went to the media and publicly passed judgment on a case that should be decided by a jury. In this case, there is ample evidence to make a case for manslaughter. The police that I have talked have said that Badgewell would not have been arrested if they thought he had not committed a crime. Also, many mental health advocates at the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless, where Badgewell was arrested after the crime, believe that Badgewell should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

Harris has blamed the victims in this crime by making the insensitive remark, "A man has a right to defend himself." Yes, Mr. Harris, he does. But a man does not have a right to beat a man to death when he is unconscious and obviously not a threat to anyone. A man also doesn't have a right to try to gouge out yet another man's eyes, choke him, and hit him over and over again on his head with a steel pipe, attempting to murder him. Especially while that man is trying to talk the person out of fighting, which is exactly what Josh Martin was doing when he was being attacked by Terry Badgewell.

Also, this was not a random assault on a homeless person, as has been implied by Mr. Harris and portrayed by some media outlets. Howard and Martin were chasing a known crack dealer off the property, and they were on the way back to the business establishment when they were confronted by Badgewell in a lot behind an adjacent building. Again, Mr. Harris has obviously chosen to ignore and misrepresent the facts of this case.

The city has done little, if anything, to make the Brady district a safer place for visitors and business owners. The chilling effect of this brutal crime has already harmed the historic downtown district. The fact that Mr. Harris refuses to press charges in this case can only make the situation worse. It may take years for the area to recover, if ever.

Howard worked for years to get the city to install better street lighting in the area. And to get the lights that were there turned on and/or fixed. It was pitch black behind the building where the attack took place, and Howard and Martin carried brass knuckles for self defense. It's dark, and dangerous and unstable people have confronted Howard and Martin late at night before. However, that doesn't mean that Howard and Martin were wearing the brass knuckles when they were attacked, as Mr. Harris has also falsely told the media and the public. Martin didn't even have a chance to get to them before he was brutally attacked. In fact, many of Martin's injuries are obviously defense wounds. And, Howard was attacked while he was already unconscious. However, Badgewell had no visible injuries and fled the scene on foot, leaving one man for dead and another severely injured.

The city lost an upstanding, kind, responsible, generous, intelligent and valuable member of the community when Howard was beaten to death. A lot of us, including Martin, lost a best friend.

Shawn Howard needs his chance at justice. So does the city of Tulsa.

What the public needs to do is tell Mr. Harris that upstanding, taxpaying, voting citizens believe that a dangerous, violent, unstable man needs to be taken off the streets so he can't do this to someone else: Badgewell needs to be prosecuted.

To get involved to help make Tulsa safer and to voice your opinion in the Shawn Howard and Josh Martin beating cases and the prosecution of Terry Badgewell, please contact: District Attorney Tim Harris (596-4864,, his boss State Attorney General Drew Edmondson (581-2885 or 405-521-3921, fax 405-522-4534), Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune's Mayor's Action Center (596-2100,, the Citizen's Crime Commission (585-5209,, or City Commissioners Wilbert Collins Sr. (596-5020,, Randi Miller (596-5015, and Robert Dick (596-5010, Letters to the editor can be emailed to the Tulsa World at

Jennifer Chancellor


How odd to see this here. A friend of mine told me how she was at that bar with her daughter-in-law on that evening. When they left Mr. Howard walked them to their car and explained he had been having some trouble with vagrants. He was kind enough to walk these two women to their car. And, apparently, it was not long after that that these cretins beat him to death.

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