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I think you left out "over 82% of our readers have a fixed address".


Hey dude, there's good money in the direct to consumer flower marketing industry...particularly if you cut back on overhead by living in your van. In fact, there is a guy in Baton Rouge who not only lives in his old vw van, but even eliminates the flower wholesaler by making his own flowers from discarded beer cans-the profits are dyn-o-mite!


AxL - Sorry, I'm not hiring at the moment. Would your mom be pissed if I crashed at your place for a couple of weeks?

Rusty - Okay! But first I get to show you the new HerbaLife product line.

Rusty Shackleford

Why don't you try the multi-level marketing approach to blog ads? Its the wave of the future. Now, can I make an appointment to come over to your house and tell you about all the benefits of Amway?


I knew there was a reason I felt at home here. And by "here" I of course mean your blog, not my parent's basement. Which isn't bad, by the way. The basement that is. Though your site isn't bad either. Are you hiring? Mom is all, like, on my case.

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