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mrs mcmuffin

Mr Hawk we are honoured, I hope we're not going to have to buy beer too.


Automatic weapons with drum magazines and belt-fed beauty, sandbags, Saddam's heart pierced by an arrow, and liberals bashed to the sound of some of the best guitar on the planet.....ah yeesh. Uncle Ted live.

K Biel

>>You know what sucks about being a conservative? The music. Whenever there's a gathering of the vast right wing conspiracy, the entertainment generally runs the gamut from 'Vegas schlock to Nashville pap to Branson blechh.

Uh, one word: Nugent.

Rusty Shackleford

I'm honored that you've added me to the blogroll. I'ts about freakin time! Wait. This isn't some kind of come on, is it? Allright, I'll do it, but I'm going to need a lot of beer.

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