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I think that's the point Iowahawk is making. It doesn't matter whether the US in general or W in particular zigs or zags. If someone is already nursing a grudge, any action will be seen as proof that they were right all along. My philosophy is when I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't, I don't. It's at least less work.

Tongue Boy

I'm like sooooo jealous...


Off your knees Mr. Bush.

Bush’s grovelling apologies were a mistake, putting New Iraq and soldiers lives at risk. The West must learn, like Chamberlain after Munich, Israel after Oslo, dictatorships only respond to force.

The West governs by polite, reasoned discussion, the Middle East mostly by cruel and brutal dictatorship.

Seeing the world’s military chief beg forgiveness diminishes his power and gives hope to thugs looking for signs of weakness.

As in 1938, the West sleeps in naive wish-fullness, hoping reason will bring peace. Not a bit of it. Britain's betrayal of Checkslovakia only made Hitler bolder. Offering Arafat most of his demands, saw him return to Gaza to call for the destruction of Israel in all-out, holly war. The world's CEO must show authority, not pennance.

After the Coalition deposed the Middle East’s most despotic dictator, much of the Middle East turned on the liberators, and with wounded pride, attempted to kill them.

Bush need state facts only. Yes it was wrong, yes we’ll arrest the idiots who did it, no we’re not going to grovel or apologise for the actions of a few. We’re proud of what we’ve done and we'll continue helping Iraqis gain freedom.

Israel’s eagerness to parley emboldened Arafat’s military ambitions. Eight years of weak, vacillating Clinton leadership, shackling the CIA, rejecting military force, doubtless roused Al Qaeda to action.

There is a time to talk and a time to kill enemies. America Liberated Europe and Asia with death and destruction, not apeals to reason. Public displays of self-deprecation may bring joy to the Left, embolden frightened dictators and gladden the hearts of ambitions Mullahs, they may also loose America the war.

The Middle East is ruled by fear, not democratic reason. The Iraqi people's break for freedom is not helped by attempts to pacify the oposition with apologies.


My favorite part.

"Rafinstani also announced Iran's immediate nuclear disarmament, and cautioned celebrants not to drink and drive".


Thanks! One of your all time best! You made my Monday morning!

Next time I'm in Chicago I'll spring for a round or two in appreciation!

Rusty Shackleford

Sweeeet. I think I owe you a beer or something.

The Sanity Inspector

All that's missing is a streaming clip of Brenda Lee singing "I'm Sorry". Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed that, congratulations on coming up with it.




Nice work David.

mr mcmuffin

Wonderful. I was so touched that I nearly shed a tear.

Thomas J. Jackson

Brillant. Added you to my favorites.

Julie Cleeveley

That post said it all. Sharp.


Oh man! Great work. Thanks a bunch. I needed this today.


The Commissar


Toby Petzold

Beautiful. Even better than when Lisa Simpson took that magical monkey hand and wished for world peace.

hillbilly geek


I almost threw up because I was laughing so hard. Thanks alot Iowahawk.


Pure frigging gold start to finish.


bush apoliogized to some king. hope he's happy.

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