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"Kerry Aside, Bush Is In Trouble," bleated one headline. That's about like saying, "Mondale Aside, Reagan Is In Trouble."

And then there's Lynndie England:
"I was instructed by persons in higher rank to 'stand there, hold this leash, look at the camera,' and they took a picture for PsyOps [psychological operations]," she told the station. "I didn't really, I mean, want to be in any pictures," she said. She also said she thought "it was kind of weird."

And which of the persons in your chain of command told you to participate in the gangbang pics, PFC England?



appealed to the American public for support and "a carton of Merit Menthol 100s."

hehehehe merit menthols...

why do I get the feeling thats not a joke.

The Commissar

"For Arab men, there is nothing more humiliating than exit wounds."

This post was even funnier the second time I read it. It belongs in the Blogosphere Hall of Fame.

A. Sullivan

Your so funny. Do you want to make out?


This is the best news site I've read today.

Naughty Wet Spankings of Shame!!!

You are too funny.

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